Must support the neurotic

Published January 11, 2014 by Tritrigirl

I have no idea what my dog is barking at.  He’s been going nuts for about 10 minutes now.  I’ve given up rushing to the window to see what’s out there…a burgler? Another dog? A zombie? Freddy Krueger?  Squirrel?

But so far nothing. Not even a rabbit. Maybe he’s barking at the leaves?  Maybe it’s something I can’t see?

But I feel it’s important to support the neuroses of my dog, who now sounds like an idiot. So I check out the window…and nothing. My dog is actually very smart, so smart he’s stupid.  Blue Heelers (ACDs) are notoriously neurotic.  Oreo is no exception. He chases planes. Because, you know one might land in his yard.  He’s my vicious protector and though he can be scary when he barks, he really might just lick you to death.

Blueberry is calmer. She’s hardly neurotic. One moment you can see the twinkle in her eyes when she wants to play and the next she looks so wise.  I love my babies and everyday I’m thankful for them.

Now if Oreo would only stop fucking barking at the wind.



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