Why I hate gravel…Or “Hey! I do have an extra tube!”

Published January 13, 2014 by Tritrigirl

This weekend started my “Now I’m feeling better, so let’s start training!” mentality. So for some reason I agreed to go on a 30 mile ride with some friends who are still a lot faster than me on my best day. We trekked down to Yoakum, TX for some ghost hunting at an old, decrepit hospital (yawn). Then the next morning after fortifying ourselves with migas and huevos rancheros, drove over to Gonzales, TX to start our ride.

Everything started off well. It was windy, but sunny, traffic wasn’t bad and I love to explore back roads. Everyone was waiting for me at an intersection (bless their hearts, did I mention I haven’t ridden in a month?). When my friend says, “Let’s go down this road!” It. Was. Gravel. I don’t do gravel. I have a tri-bike. It doesn’t do gravel.

“Do you have an extra tube?”
“Uh, no…” Which was met with holy shit! and wow! really?
“Well, we’ll ride down a bit to see how long the gravel goes” So a couple waited with me while those super cool fast people went to ride down the road. Getting bored I decided to look through my flat kit…
“Hey! I do have an extra tube! And a penny! I’m a fucking idiot.” We laughed then started to follow the other two. Now, I could go on and on and about the amazing 12 FUCKING MILES OF GRAVEL. But I won’t. It ended up being a lot of fun (sorta). We saw some really cool stuff! An old Gonzales County bridge, some beautiful horses, some friendly donkeys and a couple dogs that wanted to run with us, just to name a few. Everybody was super cool with my slow ass. They’d wait for me, take turns riding with me and were overall, totally supportive (I love these guys).

So we’re riding and supposedly it’s 13 miles back to town. OWCH. I’m already OWCH, but I’m stubborn and gonna finish this. I’m going up a hill when Jaime comes to check on me.
“Jaime, I’m not having fun anymore. This sucks donkey balls. I’m trying not to be whiny, but this sucks.”
“There’s just another mile or so and then it’s all pavement.” And by golly, she was ride. Oh, sweet pavement, how I’ll never take you for granted again! So we’re off…and my little engine that could is encountering another issue that can’t…my nether region. For all my padded shorts my entire nether region was in PAIN. It hurt to be in the aero bars, it hurt to be up on the handle bars. I finally sat completely up with my hands on the elbow pads and was okay, for a bit. We had about 6 miles into town then. After some Journey (Don’t stop believing) and Kanye West (Stronger) and rain we finally got to the outskirts of town. They were all waiting under a tree for me.
“It’s about another 2.5 miles to the Diary Queen and we’re done.”
“Up that road?” I asked.
“Okay, let me pull my shorts out of my ass and I’m ready to go!” They all laughed. Miraculously, once I did that, the padding re-settled and all my nether region was once again, padded properly and feeling oh so much better.
We finished. I lived. And rewarded myself with a Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie blizzard. Fuck, the calories. I road in gravel.

And yes, I’m sore. But it was fun, when we were done.


Front to back – Jason, Jaime, Genee, Heath and I’m the dork in the BSU jersey. šŸ™‚

Ride 1

My Tri-Bike is the one in front.


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