Tongues are the sockets of electric dreams

Published January 16, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Always liked that line. For the curious it’s from “Golden” by Fall Out Boy. I bought tickets yesterday for their concert in August and have been listening to them.

So there was my tangent.

Finished Day 2 of 5 effing AM Boot Camp. Definitely challenging, I better have abs of steel after 9 more weeks of this. I am so sore today! Today I had a harder time keeping up with the running (boo) but I was giving all I had.

I think I might need to cut out the post-Boot Camp nap…I’m way more tired when I wake up than I am at 5. Makes it hard to work. Will have to find something else to do with myself that early in the morning.

Having issues forming coherent thoughts. I did start to de-Christmas today (don’t judge, wasn’t ready to let go yet). I just have to put the tree down and then pack everything back into the closet. My living room looks a little sad now. I think I need to get a bike trainer. And an extra tire. And an extra wheel. It’ll help me train…or that’s what I’m telling myself anyway. Sigh.

“There’s a world outside of my front door that gets off on being down…” – “Don’t you know who I think I am?” – FOB


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