Monday Randomness

Published January 20, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Today I was meant to get up bright and early and go run before work. Remember when I said I just can’t somehow manage to ever make these things happen? Yeah, today has definitely been one of them. I’m trying to cut myself some slack. At least this month. The first triathlon isn’t until May and to be honest, I’m just exhausted all ready. The last two nights I’ve gotten at least 8 hours of sleep. Maybe my body’s trying to make up for the insomnia I had previously. But I’m contemplating having my thyroid checked again, just in case there’s something else going on.

I wanted to start doing “two a-days” a couple times a week starting this week but I don’t see that happening. Maybe next week, but definitely in February.

So randomness…My neighbors behind me got new backyard yard art. It’s some kind of blue spinning pinwheel. I wonder if it’s to cover up the missing 4 fence boards. I contemplated replacing the fence in the back. I replaced the one between my house and my next door neighbor’s since our dogs (read my dogs) destroyed it trying to get to one another. So when I got the quote for that I got a quote for the back too. $2900. Um, fuck that. I don’t know the people behind me and they’ve got a bunch of ivy and trees growing over our fence that would have to be cut. Not to mention I replaced my HVAC system earlier in the year last year…for $3900. So I fixed the fence. The went to get a quote to trim the trees in the back and take out a dead tree in the front. $950. What the fuck? If I could get on a ladder and onto the roof with a chain saw I could do it myself, but me, a chainsaw, ladder and the roof…I can already see a trip to the ER there. So I got the quote for just the 2 big trees in the back. $425. Fuck me. My NCBF (Non-committed boyfriend) and I can probably chop down and grind the stumps for the dead tree and the others saplings I need removed if he can find the time. I’m not asking him to trim the big trees though. While he’s perfectly capable I just don’t see it happening (see the time issue – he hasn’t even set up the surround sound he moved into my bedroom yet).

The biggest costs this year will be fixing the trim, replacing the gutters and getting the outside of my house painted. Again these are things that I could possibly do on my own. But seriously I’m missing that gene that some people have where they know just what to do to fix these things. I’ll most likely hire people to do it all. Okay, and to be honest, I don’t have the desire to do these things (attention span of a gnat – plus I want it all DONE and a group of people can get it done faster than I can). Last October we had a deluge of rain which pulled the gutters off the front of my house and then I realized part of the trim was rotting. Sigh. So I figured if I’m going to do all that I (read will hire someone to) might as well paint the outside too since it needs it. I have no idea how much any of that will cost. I see more credit card debt in my future though.

Some days I daydream about assuming a new identity and just walking away from all of it. Going to live somewhere exotic like Fiji and working in a resort tending bar. Starting over. Hell, I can’t even contemplate a career change without being able to make at least as much as I do now in order to pay my bills. Sucks being a single income household sometimes.

Well, I should get to work. Have to “watch” the ncbf’s kids this afternoon since he’s working and they’re out of school and even though they’re 14 and 11 they might burn the house down or something. Although I remember being home alone all day every summer at my mom’s when we were their age. Hell, my brother was actually younger than BF’s youngest. But kids are just different now. I doubt they’ll even have their chores done. Which means I should probably check on them. Tangent – Just found out they’re trying to make pancakes from Bisquick mix. Which is fine except they don’t have milk or eggs…they have mini-milks for their lunches that they’re using and when I told them they need eggs the response was, “why?” “Uh, because they won’t turn out right.” “So?” Heavy sigh. “Are you cutting the recipe in half?” “I don’t know.” Heavier sigh. “Just make sure you clean up your mess.” I can see this ending badly. Hopefully the smoke alarm won’t go off.


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