Cat Groupie?

Published January 22, 2014 by Tritrigirl

I think my cat might have a groupie…or at least a friend…or frenemy?

There’a a black and white cat that lives somewhere behind me and he/she (no idea, let’s call him/her Cupcake) likes to saunter into my backyard through the spaces where the fence boards have fallen and walk up to my back patio. Cupcake then likes to lay down and look up to my dining room window and start meowing. I hear this and think that somehow magically Cheetoh (my cat) has gotten outside and is frightened beyond all comprehension and must be let back in. But Cheetoh NEVER goes outside, it’s in his contract (for real). Okay he goes out on the balcony but that doesn’t count right now.

Anyway, so the cat crying on the back porch is not Cheetoh, but Cheetoh comes running into the room like his ass has been set on fire and looks out the window. Then he looks at me and starts yelling (if you have cats you know what I mean). I’m not sure what exactly he wants me to do about Cupcake but I told him that he’s not here to see me so he should go check it out. Cupcake’s still meowing until he/she sees Cheetoh jump onto the windowsill and then have a short meow-y conversation. At one point I peeked over to check on them and was given a scathing look by Cheetoh. (Butt out mom!)

I’m not really sure what’s going on between them. This is the only cat that comes into the backyard that Cheetoh doesn’t seem to mind. The others you can tell he’d rip from limb to limb if given the opportunity. Regardless this happens every other day or so and I think it’s hilarious. For all I know Cupcake is stopping by to report intel on the ugly calico (Cal) that roams the neighborhood and Cheetoh, Cupcake and the dirty white cat (Marv) are in cahoots with the squirrels to take out Cal next time he tries to sleep on Cheetoh’s windowsill…outside…But it’s supposed to freeze the next couple of days and if Cupcake is out, Cheetoh may find himself a new friend.

Sidenote: I really did sign an agreement when I adopted Cheetoh that he would never be outside and that I would never declaw him (duh). The outside thing is because he was rescued as a kitten from a feral cat colony. I’m also supposed to keep him as an only cat…so technically Cupcake can’t join the family. Cheetoh doesn’t play well with others.


Cheetoh: In all his glory.


2 comments on “Cat Groupie?

  • Ha! I used to have a rescue cat and all to well do I know the cat, “scream”! My cat (Boston) ruled the house for ten years, even after I adopted the dogs. I wish I could get another cat but our combined household of 4 dogs makes it too risky for a new kitty. 😦

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