I’m a slacker *Hangs head*

Published January 23, 2014 by Tritrigirl

So this morning I “overslept” and missed Boot(y) camp.  I know, I’m a slacker.  Total 100% slacker.  But I have some justifications.  It’s cold – It’s 41F right now, but due to windchill it feels 29F (according to my phone).  I’m not getting out of bed for that and while I set my alarm for 8:30 (remember, I work at home…in jammies…and am not needed until 9:00) I woke up at 7 then went back to sleep.  That’s a sign that I. AM. TIRED.  I also cried during yoga last night.  Seriously.  My hamstrings are so sore and I couldn’t get into the calm, present, zen vibe that I can usually maintain in yoga that I almost threw in the towel and left early.  But instead I stuck it out and found myself crying when I couldn’t get into poses I normally can because my body would not cooperate (neither would my brain).  This all lead to an incredibly un-centered and unhappy Stephanie last night.  So I overslept, on purpose.

I will get in a work out at the gym tonight.  An easy 45 minutes on the elliptical most likely.  I need to start swimming, but the thought of getting into a swimsuit and braving the gym pool just makes me want to hide in a corner while I softly cry and rock back and forth.  I hate swimming.  And I hate the extra weight I’ve put on the past few months.  Which is why I should have gone to boot camp.  Which is now a never ending cycle of guilt, shame and regret.  

This exhaustion has me worried.  I started taking some of the MEGA-WOMEN’S vitamins from GNC in hopes that it’ll help put the spring back into my step and that I’ll quit feeling like taking a nap on my keyboard is a good idea.  Of course working out increases your energy levels and overall well being (see the earlier never ending cycle comment).  

I did sign up for the first triathlon of the Texas Triathlon Series yesterday.  So I’m committed now.  I wish I had the training gusto that I’ve had in the past.  Not really sure why I’ve gotten into such a funk the past few months or why my energy level has plummeted, but it’s really frustrating and needs to be remedied.  Ugh, I am just not a happy camper.  I’m hoping today will get better and that tomorrow will be even better, although we may get snow.  Which means the city will shut down because people down here have no idea how to handle the slightest bit of white stuff outside.  I also need to get a wheel and tire so I can use my bike trainer.  Will look into that this weekend.  Hope everyone’s Thursday is going better than mine.  


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