Steve Says Monday Music Post…And Page 45 Challenge

Published January 27, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Steve Says to:

(1) Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
(2) Say the questions aloud and press play
(3) Use the song title as your answers

Don’t judge – Thankfully Taylor Swift didn’t show up (Sorry, but I loved listening to Trouble)


Are you a good listener?   

Blinding by Florence and The Machine 

Comments:  I’m not really sure about this one…”No more dreaming like a girl…so in love with the wrong world.”  I guess I’m listening to only what I want to hear and not what’s really being said.

Are you a good public speaker?

It’s Raining in Baltimore by Counting Crows

Comments: This song is about reaching out to someone or for something and feeling so alone and sometimes stagnant.  A good public speaker can reach people…in this case I’m not really good at reaching people and getting through to them.  Honestly whenever I’m speaking I typically feel like I can never seem to find the words for what I really want to say whenever I have something important to say.

Are you a good writer?

Radio – Matchbox Twenty

Comments: This song has a lot of little stories in it.  Well, that sums up my writing…I’ve got a lot of little stories in here.  Just need to get them out.  🙂

Lastly one of my favorite bloggers (read – want to find her and make her my best friend) – The Bloggess talks about getting the book nearest to you, turning to page 45, reading the first line and that sums up your love life.

Mine was from Beautiful Redemption (don’t get too excited it sounds more life altering than it is, it’s the last of the Beautiful Creatures series) and the line was “‘Course you can.”  This was pretty entertaining to me because when I first read it my gut reaction was, “Really? That’s it?”  But then the more I thought about it the more I realized that it’s a bit profound.  Of course you can.  Consider moving on in my love life, reaching out for what I deserve and what I want?  Of course you can.  Not be afraid to ask for what I want in a relationship and not put up with the shit I don’t want to?  OF.COURSE.YOU.CAN.

Brilliant!  If you haven’t tried the page 45 test I’d  be curious to read your thoughts and the music list if you haven’t already done it.

Have a happy Monday all!


8 comments on “Steve Says Monday Music Post…And Page 45 Challenge

    • Sweet! 😀

      Saw a cow’s skeleton (painted turquoise) with bedazzled horns in Houston the other weekend but wasn’t able to take a picture of it to share on your page. Couldn’t stop laughing, alas it was display only or it may have come home with me. I have a soft spot for sparkly things that really shouldn’t be sparkly.

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