Nope, I am NOT sorry.

Published February 6, 2014 by Tritrigirl

So last night had a few more beverages than I had intended to have.   I really meant to be good but that just didn’t happen and for that I willingly accepted the consequences.  It happens.

But what I’m not sorry for was the rant I gave to someone via IM later that night.  Perhaps it shouldn’t have happened after having too much to drink and I’m sure my rant made little to no sense (I refuse to go back and read it since it’s already out there and I wouldn’t take it back anyway), but the reality is that my feelings were badly hurt last night and dammit it was important that someone know they hurt my feelings.  I even woke up this morning still feeling hurt and I resolve to give them the silent treatment until I decide that I’m not mad anymore.

Under normal circumstances I’d wake up and think, “hmm, maybe I overreacted a little.”  But today I’m tired of feeling like that.  Why is it okay for someone to hurt my feelings and then I end up apologizing for it?  WHAT THE FUCK?  Perhaps how I chose to address the situation wasn’t the best but nonetheless, I am not sorry that I ranted at you (no, not YOU) over IM after we’d been drinking but you (not YOU) were a colossal ass and right now you are NOT my friend.

So there.   (Best way to end all arguments)

PS – While Enjoy By 2.4.2014 IPA by Stone is amazing it’s really high ABV.  Be careful.  UGH.


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