Nope, not a fish

Published February 7, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Today marks the first day that I have to start drowning swimming for this year’s triathlon season.  I torture myself this way because on some demented level I love triathlons.  Swimming, not so much.

I don’t talk about new year’s resolutions because I never stick to them but after the last two messed up seasons this year I resolve to finish the damn Texas Tri Series again.  Almost 2 years ago, a week before the second to last season of the race I sprained my ankle.  It was a pretty bad sprain resulting in NO running or even riding and a lovely air cast for 6 weeks.  So I was out for the rest of the season…missing the last 2 races.  That was August 2012.  January 2013 after exercises and home rehab I was up to start running again and I was doing pretty well clocking a 4 mile run with a 12 minute pace after no runs for 3 months.  (No that’s not fast but it’s a jumping off point is what I always tell myself)  Then the next time I went to run I had serious pain from my lower back to my knee and ankle pain again.  So off to the massage therapist.  I started the season completing 1 triathlon and getting ready for a second when the pain was so bad I was back in the orthopedist’s office.  No RUNNING, he says.  You need REAL rehab, he says.  If we do an MRI there may be surgery, he says.  (The pain is actually on the inside of my ankle instead of the expected outside which is weird)  In the end I think I have IT band issues stemming from the ankle sprain.  So lots of stretching, foam rolling, massage…and yoga.  Yoga helps.

So I did one last triathlon and was out for the rest of the season.  I “finished” rehab back in August 2013 almost a year from the original injury and pretty much said “Fuck it” after that.  I gained 20 pounds and am pretty much starting back at square one again.  All the years that I was building up momentum and fitness to get to the BIG race.  I want to do the Half Ironman in Boise, ID, where I grew up.  Maybe next year…maybe the year after that since I have to start over.  It MIGHT be possible to do the Longhorn Half Ironman in October but it just depends on how determined and how disciplined I can get myself to be.

For now I start with my first swim since….uh….June.  Shit.  The swim is not my favorite.  I’m convinced that you either love swimming or detest it and just get through it to the stuff you like.  That’s me.  I’m not a fish.  I’m never one with the sea lake creatures.  I get through it and don’t drown, normally.  But I like the bike and I like the run.  The NCBF hates running and loves the swim and the bike.  Ironically he hates swimming in open water and I’d do that over laps any day.  Tomorrow’s my first run since…uh…December (a little better).  But I’ve got a lot to make up and 3 months until the first race of the season.  I’ve got 6 races in the plan for this season (not including the Half).   This is just the beginning and I have to constantly remind myself to be kind to myself because I’ve been out for a while and I’ll get back again, but it will take some time.  And Ibuprofen.  And hot baths.  Have a great weekend all and stay warm!


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