Now don’t be sad….cuz two outta three ain’t bad…

Published February 9, 2014 by Tritrigirl

I’m having issues concentrating on the post because the neighbors behind me are patching the fence (not just my portion) and the posts they’re using are too tall…and it kinds bugs me.  I was going to do this too…once it was a little more “springy” and I get started with the yard work in general.  I still will, because the tall posts are killing me.

ANYWAY.  (get it together, this is supposed to be a training post)

So Friday I did successfully finish 30 minutes of swimming, ended up being 1150 meters.  Almost 3/4’s of a mile.  So the NCBF wanted me to use a snorkel and fins for the work out.  With the idea being that if I use the snorkel I can focus on my form and not the breathing and the body rotations while breathing.  Remove all notions of what a “normal” snorkel look like.  This one goes around the head with the snorkel portion going straight up the middle of your face instead of off to the side.  Because I already look so dorky in a red and white swimsuit with a hot pink swim cap I needed the accessories.  So I get all “suited” up and go to push off the wall and immediately freak out because I can’t breath.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the idiot who cannot figure out how to swim in the pool with a snorkel.  AKA, ME.  Seriously, I cannot figure it out.  I tried, I tried so hard and freaked out each time.  But Stephanie, you snorkel, you enjoy snorkeling (NCBF’s words).  Yes, yes I do…and when you do that you were a DIVE mask that covers your nose  and I cannot figure out how to use the effing snorkel in this situation.  I’m an uncoordinated breather.  Apparently.  But I made it through, without drowning and rewarded myself with some hot tub time.  The fins killed my ankle.  As was evidenced on Saturday….

So Saturday was my run day.  And that actually happened.  It was chilly and I could have just gone for the treadmill at the gym and almost did when much to my surprise the sun came out.  HOLY HOT SHIT.  We’re going running outside.  I went in a short sleeved t-shirt, which was chilly at first, but I wanted to get as many rays on my body as I could.  About half way into the run my ankle started to hurt, which throws off my gait and then my IT band starts to hurt.  This is where we start walking until shit doesn’t hurt then we go back to running.  I made it 1 mile then stopped to stretch and turned around.  All in all I may have run an entire mile, out of a 2 mile trek.  Not great, not bad, for a first run, we’ll take it.  Rewarded myself with Which ‘which sandwich and a pedicure that I was in desperate need of.  Now my toes are all pink and sparkly.

Today is Sunday and ride day.  I’ll be honest, I’m waiting just a little longer for it to warm up so I can go.  (How many freakin’ fence posts are they putting up?  And why are they okay with them being taller???)  I’ll probably head out in about 30 minutes.  I’m not thinking of doing anything long.  Probably under 20 miles.  NCBF pussied out this morning because “it’s too cold” and “I have so much to do before I have to travel tomorrow.”  He does have a lot to do but he doesn’t like to ride when it’s cold which is what I really think his issue is.

So that’s the weekend thus far.  Hope everyone is enjoying it!



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