Share Your World Week 6

Published February 10, 2014 by Tritrigirl

This week is a tip of the hat to the Winter Olympics.

Check out Cee’s Photography for the challenge and to see some amazing photos.

Have you watched or plan to watch any of the 2014 Winter Olympics?

Not on purpose.  If it’s on I’ll watch it but the winter Olympics don’t do much for me.

What is your favorite winter Olympic event? Would you ever want to be an expert in that sport?

I like watching the skiing and snowboarding events.  I used to ski once upon a time so I can sorta kinda not really relate to those better.

Have you ever met an Olympic Athlete?

I did meet Florence Griffith Joyner and her husband, Al Joyner, when I was in high school at a Jr. Olympic track meet.  I have their autographs on an old pair of running shoes.  Pretty cool.

Do you have a favorite athlete? Name sport.

Don’t really have a favorite athlete and I don’t really watch sports much.  But when I do it’s typically Boise State Football.

What is your favorite exercise or sport? Is there a reason why?

Triathlon (even recorded and watched the summer Olympic races).  It’s a challenging sport but I’m convinced is doable for anyone.  You don’t have to be fast or even talented to finish a race (you can even walk the “run”).  I did my first one with 8 weeks of training and virtually no swimming skills.  I have learned to swim better since but I’m slow as hell.  It’s the only thing I’ve been involved in where professional athletes encourage you as they pass your slow ass on the bike, where I’ve seen race coordinators run with the last person in and where everyone cheers when you finish.  EVERYONE.  Especially for the older racers and for those at the end.  Even those in the beer tents cheer.  And for the most part everyone’s really friendly, very supportive and awesome.

I’ve made some great friends in triathlon and for all the times I’ve almost had heat stroke (because tri season is the summer in Texas…awesome), all the sore muscles, vomiting up gels and gatorade after races, the times I’ve inhaled lake water and been passed by those people in Aero helmets there’s always good cold beer (which is really all I can put into my system other than water after a race) at the finish to share with people who love the sport and want to share that love with everyone.



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