Queen of the Multi-Task!

Published February 19, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Today I have a lot going on…I’m spending half my morning updating all the Javas on my computer so I can properly check out, update and check back in documents in our various databases.  It’s really a pain in the ass to not be able to do this and a month later I finally bugged the IT guy who’s supposed to be helping me.  His instructions?  Download these 3 versions of Java one at a time then clear your browser history and then restart your computer.  I’m on Java #2 so we’ll see how this works out.  :-/

It’s also time for our monthly metrics suite (yes, I know you have no idea what I’m talking about, but just go with it).  Now this is something I actually LOVE to do, because I’m weird and twisted.  I get to run a couple huge reports and then reconcile with our database.  It can be very time consuming given that I’m now responsible for doing this with 2 protocols but it’s one of those mindless activities that I enjoy in addition to managing my underlings and helping them develop into fabulous CRAs.  I work in pharmaceutical research and there’s a whole lot to explain about what my job is and people tend to get a glassy eyed look when I go on for too long so if you’ve got specific questions (not FDA / Big Pharma conspiracy stuff) I’ll do my best to answer.  But I’m a clinical team manager, I’ve got 7 CRAs with roughly 68 sites between the 7 of them over 2 protocols and I’m responsible for 8 sites without assigned CRAs for one of those protocols.  I review trip reports, follow up on escalations and anything else the sponsor needs from me, follow up with visit scheduling to meet our milestones, follow up on site communications and act as a mom/therapist/commiserater/babysitter/mentor to my 7 CRAs.  I’ve got a pretty good job.

I used to be a CRA and travel non-stop but was promoted last year.  Before you wonder as to my choice of quitting traveling (because everyone LOVES to travel) you must know a few things…South Bend, IN sucks (sorry if you’re from there), Utah has tried to kill me with lethal doses of sagebrush pollen (fall 2012), and 8 years of living out of a suitcase with virtually no social life takes it’s toll.  It’s easy to isolate yourself when you’ve barely got Friday-Sunday to live your life.  Friends just sorta stop calling after awhile.  Unless they’re “in the life” or have been and understand that you probably get to hang out once a month if you’re lucky.  So yeah, every morning that I get up and stumble to my office bleary eyed waiting for the caffeine to kick in, I’m thankful I’m not on a plane, or on the way to the airport (you know you’re burnt out when you’re crying on the way to the airport) or waking up in a hotel room or sitting in a research office poring over doctors notes and source data.  I’ve been stranded in random cities due to flight cancellations, have spent my birthday and a few holidays in other cities alone, met some awesome coordinators that I still stay in touch with and have had some adventures (driving from Portland to Tacoma in a snowstorm for one – I still waved at Mt. St. Helens though cuz I’m a dork like that).  I’ve seen beautiful places, scary places and bland places.  And with all that under my belt I can say I’m good with getting out.  Maybe someday I’ll go back to it, but for now I need to be in one place.

Side note – I think the people behind me (the ones who put up the too tall fence posts) are getting ready to sell their house or something.  They had tree trimmers out the other day and I’m not sure what they’re doing now but there’s a few people working around the property.  Since I can see straight into their backyard from my office window it’s easy to get distracted.

And lastly…Irrational Games is closing it’s doors.  For those who don’t know they created the amazing Bioschock series.  I’ve played all 3 (on the PS 3) and am currently working through Bioshock 2.  I beat Bioshock Infinite twice and need to finish 2 so I can get it back from my neighbor and play all the DLC.  The Last of Us and Fallout – New Vegas be damned.  I love Infinite, it’s a beautiful game.  Thankfully they’re still going to support the game and the franchise is supposedly going to a different department of 2K who collaborated on Infinite and the others.  But I’m still sad.  Next the Fallout it’s one of my favorite series and one of the few story line games I can tolerate.  Open world games are so much more fun in my mind.

Okay, I’m done geeking out and Java #2 is almost done loading.  Have a great Tuesday and we’ll catch up tomorrow!  Hint, hint – I may talk about my secret crush!  😛


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