Stress…and Now My Shoulders Hurt

Published February 20, 2014 by Tritrigirl

This morning has been a little stressful.  I got up for Boot-y camp and totally killed it by the way (GO ME), but I was rudely woken up at 1:30 this morning by dogs fighting and owners yelling.  Who the hell is out with their dogs in large enough numbers to warrant all that at 1:30?  Oh…yeah…my crazy neighbors across the street.  *rolls eyes*

So Scott (NCBF) is teaching this week…he teaches internet security software, cuz he’s cool like that, and there was a meeting with Dummer’s (14 year old) school counselor to get him all ready for high school next year. OY.  Since Scott was teaching he asked if I could go to the meeting.  Er…uh, okay.  I just don’t wanna mess anything up, because if I was doing his schedule it would be all Arts and Crafts!  HA!  (Okay, that was just MY schedule in high school Dummer and I are nothing alike.)  So I get home…take a short nap and am getting up to go to the school when Scott calls and says he needs me to work from his house because he’s having computer software stuff delivered to his house and it’s signature only….(bangs head on desk).  I cannot work from his house.  I need my desk, my two monitors and my “work environment.”  Or I am useless.  Kinda like this:

And that’s why I’d rather work at my house.  But I end up working from his house any way…waiting for that freakin’ package…sitting on the couch with the pups and thinking…hmmm…I could so take a nap right now…or play Bioshock!

Oh yeah, and my shoulders hurt…but not from stress but from yoga and boot camp.  Sigh.  Happy Thursday!


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