Adventures in babysitting tweens and teens

Published February 25, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Last night Tater Tot (11 years) had the cutting board dropped on his foot, followed by a jug of milk.  He’s got a gi-normous blood blister under his toe nail and screamed bloody murder (as he was right to).  Took almost 20 minutes to calm him down, including calling and waking up his dad who’s sick and out of town.  He’s fine.  Nothing’s broken.  He’ll lose his toe nail later on but overall he’s fine.  And he’s sore this morning.

I went to take garbage out to discover a large pile of school papers…that do not belong to any child I know.  French Fry was the last one to put garbage in there and I have a sinking feeling that he stole someone’s notebook.  I’m not sure if he copied her homework or if he took it for the binder since he was awfully determined to put a bunch of stuff into his binder last night.  I’m not sure what’s going on and I’m not looking forward to finding out.  I have a sneaking suspicion he’s not going to get to go to Cirque du Soleil Friday.  The rest of us are going regardless.  I will not let Scott stay home and miss it.  French Fry gets a babysitter and Tater Tot gets to bring a friend.  French Fry misses out.  It’s his own damn fault.

I don’t know what to do with him.  I’ve tried grounding him, taking away privileges and everything.  What really upsets me too is that it looks like that poor kid has homework but she won’t get to do it because he took all her papers.  I’m at a loss and I hope for his sake he tells me the truth when I confront him this afternoon.


4 comments on “Adventures in babysitting tweens and teens

  • You are better than I am…when my boy child had a similar toe issue, I took his behind to urgent care. I paid a co-pay for them to tell me, ‘he’s fine…the nail is going to come off’ Didn’t look at his toe for months.

    • He lost it when I told him he’d lose the toe nail. He’s convinced it’ll hurt and I kept trying to tell him that IF it hurts it won’t hurt nearly as bad as what he’s already done to it. He could move his toes so I knew it wasn’t broken. I felt really bad but I knew there really wasn’t anything more to do than give hugs, ibuprofen, ice and some warm tea and cookies.

  • Here is some medical advise if it helps. You can take a sowing needle, and heat it just a little and puncture the nail above the blood blister. It will not hurt, but the pressure will hurt until you make the hole. Sounds bad, but I promise that he will feel immediate relief! It will allow the blood to escape and stop the separating of the nail bed from the toe.

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