Quietly Going Mad

Published March 4, 2014 by Tritrigirl

I’m feeling a bit quiet the last couple of days.  My heart’s staying out of the Mike situation.  She’s pretty much said, “Well, head, you’re on your own here because I can’t do anything until you do something.”  So for now, we’ll do nothing.  I don’t want to over pursue and I can’t help but like the guy.  So I’m gonna give it all a rest for a bit.  Tomorrow night I’ll let the boys all go out to dinner without me, then I can get to Yoga and be ready for Boot Camp in the morning.

Weekend Training:

Successfully ran about 2.15 miles on Saturday at a relatively decent pace, according to Cardio Trainer first mile was 12:41 (ideally I’d like to eventually get down to a 10 min mile, but the speed training will come later on).  Managed to run the first entire mile (due to being mildly pissed at Scott’s wishy washy-ness regarding what was going on with the day) and ran most of the rest back, sadly was down to a 15 min mile.  Was proud of myself though, I didn’t have a lot to give at the end.  Went to kick ass yoga and had my ass kicked (in a good way).  French Fry came to yoga and then nicely helped me clean most of the downstairs.  We got it done in less than an hour so I treated the kid to some Which ‘Wich and bought him a shake (ps – Red Velvet shake = amazing and I just had a sip).

Sunday was supposed to be a ride day but the weather was horrible (rain, wind, cold) and I felt horrible from a little overindulgence Saturday night.  What can I say?  Friends, BBQ, wine…it happens.  I did make it to yoga though and had a decent practice.

Monday it was almost too cold to run so I got in 40 minutes on the hell machine and then got through a great yoga practice.  She tried to get us into headstands…my big booty ain’t getting there just yet, but it was fun none the less.

Today Boot Camp was cancelled due to ice and uh, er, “Thundersleet” (I shit you not, this is what the news called it).  So I resolve to get over my intimidation and make it to Body Pump tonight.  I will get there early to ensure that a) I have a spot and b) I can get advice from the instructor.  I’m hoping to get a swim in this afternoon but it depends on the work schedule if I can sneak away.

As the temperatures are SUPPOSEDLY warming up from 32 to 41 I should be able to get in a run tomorrow morning and am planning yoga again tomorrow night.

That’s all I got…don’t even have lyrics for you today even though I was uploading music to my nifty waterproof MP3 player for swimming…

Oh, okay…here’s some Van Halen (or Van Hagar depending on your view):

Right now, it’s your tomorrow.  Right now, it’s everything.  Take that magic moment and feel it, right here and now.

-Right Now – Van Halen

And lastly…this is the hell machine:

photo courtesy of http://www.fitnesssuperstore.com

Have a great Tuesday and Happy FAT TUESDAY!  🙂


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