“All my rage sits inside…”

Published March 5, 2014 by Tritrigirl

And even the finest things are leaving you hollow.  All my days left behind, and even the finest things are leaving you hollow…and the sky is blue and so are you…” – Hollow – Better Than Ezra

Made it to Bodypump last night.  It’s actually a fun class.  I used relatively “light” weight and am sore today which I expected.  They don’t do a lot of core work but that’s okay, I usually get that in yoga.  Meant to run today but it’s chilly and ugly outside, hard to motivate oneself.  If the sun comes out later I may go, otherwise it’s the hell machine and yoga tonight.  Followed by boot camp tomorrow morning.

Funny thing yesterday, was trying to follow the water consumption recommendations yesterday for the Advocare cleanse and I totally misread it.  Confusing the recommendation for over 100 ounces of water for over 100 cups of water…I made it to about 12 cups or 3 of my “big” cups (32 oz) of water by about 1:30 pm before I realized the error.  You know that the daily recommendation is 8 cups, well 100 probably would have killed me, not to mention peeing every 30 minutes is NOT fun.  But at least I was hydrated?  

Today I’m on big cup #2 and pacing myself better.  I’m also on Spark #2.  For anyone familiar with Spark you know it’s basically liquid crack.  For those of you who aren’t, it’s Advocare’s energy drink.  45 calories, sugar free, with about 120mg of caffeine (drip coffee has about 160mg of caffeine) and a ton of vitamins and amino acids and stuff.  It also tastes like Kool-aid and I’d drink it all day if it didn’t make me wanna run around like a crazy lady hopped up on too many shots of espresso.  So I usually limit myself to 2 per day and no more after 4pm.  I’ve gotten a little more sensitive to caffeine in the evenings so I have to be cognizant because I don’t need anything to encourage insomnia.

Last night was Fat Tuesday and we went to our favorite bar and grill for their special blackened steak, collard greens and dirty rice.  OMG.  Was amazing and I was good and didn’t drink any beer (much to Scott’s chagrin) but was dying for King Cake.  Instead I bought a small bag of cinnamon sugar pita chips and ate most of it.  Not the best but it beats the hell out of eating a King Cake (I’m sure of it).    

Tonight I’m encouraging all the boys to go to dinner without me so I can make it to yoga and boot camp in the morning.  Besides I’m not too excited about the buy the beer, keep the glass option tonight and I need to get some space between Mike and me.  Plus as much as I care about Scott he’s driving me a little batty.  No particular reason, I just need some space.  

Lastly, I got a weird text today that I’m sure was from an iPhone (group texts start with “No Subject”).  I think it was from Boot Camp people but it asked what the hashtag from last night was…my first thought?  Who the hell is texting me for a fucking hashtag, knowing I loathe that shit.  (Sorry if I offend)  Then I realized I have no idea who it was from and I really should have played with them because Android to iPhone doesn’t mass text, but I decided it wasn’t worth the energy to come up with a snappy comeback.  And I was still traumatized by seeing “Totes Emosh” in a comment on a FB page called The Geek Strikes Back.  Totes emosh = *bitchslap*

Good luck to those who are partaking in Lent (as it’s all over my FB today).  Everyone have a great Wednesday!

“…A sudden memory, you’re a Leonard Cohen song.  But every now and then I’d swear I see you standing, on a sidewalk, in a restaurant, from a taxi passing by…Under you, I feel your breath moving out slowly…” -Under You – Better Than Ezra



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