Limping, Lame, Where’s the Frakkin’ Ice pack?

Published March 6, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Went to boot-y camp this morning.   Was sore as hell from Body Pump Tuesday, was sore as hell from hell machine and yoga.  Went to boot-y camp.  Am now sore as hell from boot-y camp and my ankle is acting up.  I took a couple ibuprofen then rearranged my desk as my badass Spartan Girl co-worker recommended so I could ice and elevate.  I think my ankle is telling me, “WHOA there hot shit.  We need to take some time to recover before you try to go all gang busters with this training hully-baloo.”  (my ankle is way eloquent)

I’m going to swim tomorrow but the bitchy ankle means no fin work which makes doing drills substantially easier.  On the upside I’ll finally get to bust out the waterproof MP3 player (that may or may not explode or catch fire if not handled properly) so I won’t care what people think of my big booty in my flashy red and white speedo suit because I’ll have tunes to drown everyone out.

Saturday should be running and yoga (ps – original typo was yoda wonder what that means?) but I’m gonna try to head to F-burg to see my granny, crazy auntie and scientologist uncle.  I do love my family, but sometimes small doses is the best.  So the 2 hour party my auntie is putting on for her brother and my granny is perfect but it means giving up yoga because it’s a bit of a drive plus it’s SXSW in Austin.  So I normally avoid going south this time of year.

SXSW (for those not in the know) is a giant music festival in Austin showcasing a million unknown and known bands from all over looking to be signed and / or get their music out to the masses.  It USED to be a lot of fun…when it was just 1 week and not 2 weeks.  There’s now a multi-media and film component.  Totally cool if it’s you kinda thing, but for a lot of locals it’s more like Austin being invaded by a bunch of idiots (not everyone of course, but holy crap).   There’s lots of cool parties, some amazing shows and a lot of awesome panels, but it’s a lot for a town that can’t handle traffic on a good day.  Dogfish Head Brewery is sponsoring some free shows so I may take the metro rail (thank goodness for that) downtown and check it out.

Sunday is supposed to rain so we’re playing the ride by ear.  I need to get on the bike but I may end up going to a spin class if my bitchy joint has decided to get in a better mood.  Ice, elevation and ibuprofen…rinse, repeat…

That’s all I got.  Just trying to finish up this week’s work and get outta the office.  The sun’s out again so it’s hard to sit in my office.  Scott and Mike took the kids out to dinner again last night, sans me, as planned.  Had a nice, quiet evening after yoga catching up on the DVR and getting into bed by 10:00.  Of course last night was the night the cat decided he needed to walk laps around me for half the night and stepping on my hair.  I’m sure he knew I had to be up at 5:00 and was just being a little shit.  Then he nicely threw up a hairball on my bed later.  Little shit.

“It’s just a matter of time before you notice the way I tip my hat.  I think it would be right for you to try it on before you take it back.  You can could call me a lady or you could call me something else like that.  I’m feeling kinda warm, maybe I am blushing it’s the way I tip my hat.  You’re so so fresh, even when you drop it, you’re down like a man.  I know you’re just a boy but I can hardly tell and no one really can.  I’m always in the way, maybe it’s on purpose so tell me where to go.  Get me fired up cause I could drink some water so show me what you know…”

– So, so Fresh – Nico Vega


2 comments on “Limping, Lame, Where’s the Frakkin’ Ice pack?

  • Waterproof devices scare me, only because I worry if they are REALLY waterproof or waterproof enough. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your electronic device and that your aches and pains go away soon 🙂

    • According to all the reviews I’ve read it’s supposed to be pretty stout, at least for swimming in a pool – no way I’d wear it in open water. And seriously even 30 minutes of laps feels like forever and I can only sing the one song I’ve got stuck in my head for so long. 🙂

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