21…Oh yeah

Published March 7, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Since I am lacking in the creative department today and since I read this yesterday I have been obsessing over it I thought I would do my spin on Tipsy Lit’s 21 Things I Irrationally Hate.  Although some of these may be rational hates, just bear with me.

So here we go…drum roll please:

1. Gum, seriously EEEWWW (just chew it quietly and make sure it gets into a napkin or something and then into a garbage can.  If I step on it, I will vomit…ON YOU and if you play with it, we’re no longer friends).

2.  Hashtags (1 hashtag I can deal with, 2 is toeing the line, 3 I better love you or else you’re posts are going to get deleted).

3. Stickers of your kids’ names and the millions of sports and after school activities they participate in.  I get it, they’re active and are never home.  No need to brag and really, I don’t care.

4. Hayden Panteineireoruoiewur’ewqriw (Whatever her name is.  She was on Graham Norton and all she talked about was the fact that she didn’t have a bra on…no one cares cheerleader, get over yourself.  I go bra-less all the time)

5.  The word Irregardless…not a real word.  Use regardless.

6. People who get all judgy when I talk about Dr. Who.  You’re one to judge…Dr. Who beats out your Survivor or Beverly Hills House Wives any day.

7. People who overdo it in the express lane at the store.  10 items or less doesn’t mean 20 items.  Get out the line.

8. Getting called Steph when we’ve just met.  Hold up, you have yet to earn that privilege…give it an evening and we’ll see how it goes.

9. Tapioca Pudding – I won’t say what it reminds me of.

10. This girl at the local live music venue.  She was trolling, you could totally tell and I just wanted to punch her in the throat.  No reason, she never did or said anything to me but I really really wanted to.  (I was sober too)

11.  The guy at the gym who looks like a mini-Mr. T.  He’s also a jackass.  My mom yelled at him.  In front of the entire front desk staff.  It was awesome.

12. When the only instructions I can find for something are in another language and there are 5 different languages on it.

13. Vegans…okay, before I get hate mail…I’ve known some self-righteous vegans and I’m sorry if I lump you in with them and you’re not one of those but the second I hear someone’s a vegan I want to hurt them.  In my opinion vegetarians are nicer to eat.  Besides, we have canines for a reason.

14. People who rail against childhood vaccinations.  I won’t soapbox here, but 1) I majored in microbiology with the intent to go into epidemiology so, I totally know stuff, and 2) most everyone my age that I know has been vaccinated is just fine.  Those that aren’t fine I don’t think it has anything to do with childhood vaccinations.  That being said I have issues with chickenpox vaccines.  Come on, everyone should know the wonder that is chickenpox as child.  We’ve all got some great stories.

15. Those who think From Under the Cork Tree was Fall Out Boy’s best album and hate anything after that.  Bands grow and evolve so does their music, you should enjoy and be interested in the progression instead of boo them off stage.  And besides you’re wrong.

16. Those who claim to loooooooove Jimmy Buffet and yet ONLY know Margaritaville.  You’re not a Parrothead.  There’s a boxed set you can listen to if you really want to make that commitment.

17. End of Days by Robert Gleason.  WORST.BOOK.EVER.

18. Those who “Reply To All” when it’s not necessary.  Thank you for clogging my inbox.  I started with 800 emails and now have 900 because you’re a twit.

19. Mexican Martini shakers, inevitably the top (of the shaker) comes off and I wear it.  Just give me a straw please.

20. When someone says they’ll get me a “good” beer and come back with Heineken or Rolling Rock.  Walk away.  Now.

21. The words Bailiwick and Wheelhouse.  Basically the same word and you’re a twit.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and an amazing weekend!


20 comments on “21…Oh yeah

  • I am with you on all except 1 and 2. I am a gum chewer/snapper/popper (though I try not to do it in front of others) and Twitter abuser.

    What are your thoughts on people doing the “Fins” dance if they haven’t been to a JB concert? I got taught a “lesson” on that one…

      • Son of a Son of a Sailor!

        My mother was a huge JB fan, but her sister is even more of one. I was told you cannot do the fins dance unless you went to the concert. Seriously.

        I am fine skipping the fin dance. Really.

        (PS, look for me to be stealing this idea tomorrow 🙂 )

  • Your vaccination one got me. Coming from a parent whose child can’t get the vaccines, I get unbelievably angry when I hear someone rail against them. I want to grab them and say, “Hey you twat! Your kid getting their vaccines is what protects my kid who can’t! Get your shit straight.” But instead I just ignore any future invitations for my kid to play at their house.

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