Since grumpy is going around?

Published March 11, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Little Mizz Not a Punk Rocker and I are stealing from other people and each other since we’re both grumpy and need some distractions!  

So here’s 5 Lists of Five Things.

5 Things I’m Passionate About:

1. Reproductive Rights.  I’ve volunteered in the past for various groups to spread reproductive rights information and sign up people to vote.  I respect everyone’s opinions and views, but keep your laws outta my lady garden!  I’m the only one who’s boss there and that’s how it should be.

2. Childhood vaccinations – I went on about this previously.  Don’t argue with me…if you can vaccinate your children, DO IT.  Google Herd Immunity and use your noggin.  Unless you want to get Whooping Cough.  Or your kids to get it.  Or your friends’ kids to get it.

3. ASPCA / Austin Area Rescue Groups – Donate and participate in fundraising all the time.  I love animals.  Neuter / Spay DAMMIT.  If you breed, breed responsibly or you will be found and karma will kick your ass.  And if I ever see someone abuse an animal, best believe this gal will kick some serious ass.  

4. Health Classes in school.  Sorry, but abstinence only doesn’t teach anyone anything and frankly Health classes teach more than that, like first aid, nutrition and basic health and well being.  

5.  Music and art in schools.  Some of the best classes I’ve ever taken.  Everyone should have 1 and it’s incredibly important to foster creativity in children.  All of us on here are creative…where would we be without music, art, photography and writing classes?  We wouldn’t be here…

5 Things to do before I die:

1. Finally get to Bali

2. Complete a half Ironman race

3. Travel to back to the UK and to Europe

4. Complete one of the 100-150 mile bike rides

5. Finish one of the novels I’ve started.


5 Things I say A lot:

1. Frak

2. The Fuck?

3. Y’all


5. Sounds good


5 Books or magazines I’ve read lately:

1. Oryx and Crake – Margaret Atwood

2. The Barkeep – William Lashner

3. Women’s Health

4. Gameformer

5. The Widow File – S.G. Redling


5 Favorite Movies:

1. Annie

2. Labyrinth

3. Grown Ups

4. Riddick Movies

5. That Touch of Mink, Pillow Talk, Something’s Gotta Give, Don’t Buy me Flowers, Lover Come Back, The Glass Bottom Boat, etc (I love Doris Day, especially when I’m grumpy)

That should be about it! 


2 comments on “Since grumpy is going around?

  • Oh, is “the Thrill of it All” when Doris Day becomes a commercial star and James Garner is the frustrated husband? Love those movies!

    Here’s to a hopefully swift and painless end to our crankiness.

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