Today is not the beginning of the rest of your life…

Published March 11, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Yesterday was….or the day before that…or the day before that…I could go on.

The time change has me all sorts of messed up.  I couldn’t go to bed until well after 1am last night which really made it impossible to get up at 5.  So no boot camp.  I will go to Body Pump tonight though.  I meant to swim today but it just takes too long to go in the afternoon and people at work are becoming more obnoxious demanding.  I have some time scheduled off tomorrow and Thursday and am planning on swimming after I go drop Scott’s truck off at the shop to be worked on.  Then yoga.  Then Thursday I will get up, go to boot camp, work half a day and then go downtown for some SXSW-ness.  Friday will be a swim day again.

I have less than 2 months until the first race and I’m trying really hard not to panic.  I want to be able to run 3 miles without walking by then.  I know I can do the swim.  Just slowly.  So tomorrow I’ll get my 30 minutes of swimming in and try to go non-stop to see how far that gets me.  I can do the ride but definitely need to spend some more time on the bike.  Planned for this weekend.

I need to get my bike trainer set up.  I will do that this week.  Scott’s trying to loan it out to a friend if I don’t get it set up…then who knows when I’ll have it back.  Besides his friend can train without it.  The guy already has awesome endurance.  He doesn’t need my toys.

Yesterday I afternoon I got really pissed off.  No particular reason, I was just pissed.  So I took a nap.  That did seem to help but that’s probably why I wasn’t able to go to sleep later on.  The sun’s out, which makes me super happy and I need to get some more work done so I can get out and take advantage of it for a run!

I hope the rest of the week goes well.  Been in too much of a BLECH mood lately.  Need to get my optimism back!


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