Thanks gale force winds…who needs sleep?

Published March 12, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Gusts of up to 35 mph…ugh.  Was rudely awoken at 2:00 am to…gale force winds.  I’m staying at Scott’s right now since he’s out of town.  The dogs were refusing to sleep with me because I took their bonies away as you can’t sleep when they’re chewing on them and they make a mess in the bed.  So they refused to sleep with me.  Stubborn shits.

So, at Scott’s there is an above ground pool and a deck.  He’s made it all snazzy and tech friendly by putting up 2 pop up tent things and a TV, table, BBQ, the whole shabang.  Well, last windstorm (January) one of the pop ups went flying into the yard and got all mangled, the other one I was able to get to in time to pull the tent portion off and smoosh it together to it wouldn’t end up in Manor or Bastrop, TX.  When he got back from his hunting trip he redneck engineered the mangled pop up tent back together and then bolted the suckers onto the deck.

They shouldn’t fly away.  Ever again.  Without taking the deck to Oz.

Nonetheless, with wind like that I have constant panic attacks afraid the deck will end up in the living room.  Which is completely irrational but once my brain latches onto something like that…well, no one is sleeping.  So every time the wind got bad I’d sit up suddenly freaking out.  I watched Castle on my phone since I wasn’t going downstairs and have no idea where the fucking remote was until I was tired enough to sleep…sometime around 5:00am.

In the end the deck and pop up tents are fine.  However the pool cover and wind managed to pull some cinder blocks into the pool.  So I get to fish those out later.  Should be fun.  *rolls eyes*

Went to Body Pump last night and thank goodness I didn’t do anything before that because as I sat in my car getting ready to go to the store I noticed my entire body was shaking with muscle fatigue.  I’m so sore this morning.  In a good way.  Holy shit that class was awesome.  The instructor usually does 5:30am classes and once I’ve finished my boot camp classes I’d contemplate getting up that early for her classes.  Today I’m going to run and then go to yoga…but not before taking a long ass nap and getting a pedicure…and possibly popping over to Ulta for some new eyeliner.

I’m taking half days today and tomorrow, but I’m also contemplating doing it on Friday too.  I need a freakin’ break.  Today will be running errands and getting to shit that I know I won’t have time to get to on Saturday and tomorrow will be going down and braving the SXSW crazies for hopefully some good beer (YAY Dogfish Head), good music and good food.  To be completely honest, I just need a vacation.  Even if it’s a “stay-cation.”  I just need to not work.

Here’s the lyrics that are running around in my head today:

“I wanna scream I love from the top of my lungs, but I’m afraid that someone else will hear me.  You can only blame your problems on the world for so long, before it all becomes the same old song…” – The (Shipped) Gold Standard – Fall Out Boy



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