Hot, er, well, cold mess

Published March 18, 2014 by Tritrigirl

I’d go with Hot Mess, except that the wind is making it chilly even with the sun out so I’m sitting here in a sweater, yoga pants and slippers and still cold.  ERG.

I swear I meant to be good last night but Scott and Mike wanted to take all the potato kids to the St. Patty’s day thing and of course, Guinness was consumed.  As was the AMAZING corned beef po’boy.  I’m not sure if it was the corned beef, the Guinness or the cole slaw that gave me the weirdest dreams ever but I seriously had some freaky dreams.

I’ll try to recap as much as I can because this shit has got to be shared.

In one montage, Scott had built bridges to the other neighbors’ decks, which is odd because the old people living on either side of him do not have decks.  And for some reason that pissed me off.  So I was picking up his bedroom and found panties that weren’t mine (yes, I’m aware of what this alludes to) and proceeded to chew him out.  In front of other people.  Not sure how we go from here to…

My Tri friend, hairstylist and over all badass friend and I were taking a bus to somewhere.  Not sure where but the place we started I have visited in a dream before and I think it was supposed to be Boise.  How Jaime and I were in Boise, no clue.  And this was not just another bus…oh no…this bus had a GYM in it! (Apparently my sub-conscious was aware we’d slept through the alarm and missed boot camp and was trying, very ineffectively, to tell me to get my ass up and go to the gym) The bus also had beds and showers and was freaky to walk around in.  I think we were going to Delaware…and I think it was for some hair stylist thing and a ghost hunt, now that I think about it.

And on to…DREAMING IN MY DREAM.  Yes, I was in bed asleep and dreaming that I was in my bed asleep, dreaming (blew your mind, right?).  I dreamt that I’d dumped out the litter box upstairs (no idea why) and then there was an infestation of fire ants on my bathroom counter.  I woke up (in my dream) to discover that I had dumped out the litter box in my sleep and that all my lights were on.  I also apparently texted Scott in my dream, asking if he’d snuggle with me and when he said No, told him that Mike would.  This led to frantic text message checking upon true awakening…thankfully that text was never written.

So, later ON in the dream I’m now awake in the dream and for some reason we’re going to grill rabbit meat.  I’ve never had rabbit that I can recall and I have no idea why we were going to grill it, except that maybe I’ve been sub-consciously wondering what Scott is going to do with the rabbit meat he got from the store a while ago.  So Mike and I along with his brother (no idea if he has one) were going outside to grill when it comes out that his brother is actually with us to ensure no misbehaving happens (the fuck?) and then he subsequently drops the rabbit meat on the ground but hey, no biggie, we can wash it off (hunh?) and then he falls down in a fire ant pile and we help him up and try to brush the ants off.

That’s the last thing I can recall from the dreams.

So I obviously missed boot camp.  I wanted to go to Body Pump to make up for it but I have a conference call during the one time I could go.  I don’t think I need to be on this call but I was never answered when I asked if I need to be on said call.  So I don’t know what I’m going to do for a work out today but it has to get done before 5:30 since I have a wax appointment (yes, I get my legs waxed and yes, I like the results – totally worth it) so I guess I’ll head to the gym around 4 to get some time in on the hell machine and try to get to Body pump tomorrow.  I think I’ve decided that as long as I can make boot camp once a week, I’m good (I’ve got 4 days left anyway).  Then I’ll start Body Pump in it’s place.

Such a weird night…any way.  Hope everyone is well and had a good time last night!


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