This is the end…

Published March 21, 2014 by Tritrigirl


It’s Friday, so what’s up?

Weellll…I’ve registered for another Triathlon because I’m crazy like that.  Local one at the lake where I do most of my hard core triathlon training.  I got a nice little bonus from work so that was lovely.  Got to beef up the savings account and soon I’ll have some credit cards paid off so hopefully that will go a long way to getting other cards paid off and getting some more money saved to get some work done on the house.

This weekend there’s a 30% and 40% chance of rain and depending on how realistic it is I’m hoping to at least get the lawn mowed.  Although I’d love to get into the flower beds and weed then mulch.  I need to figure out which trees survived and yank the saplings that didn’t.  Massage scheduled for Sunday and I’m really looking forward to that!

Scott’s going to a concert tonight.  And I’m not exactly sure what’s gotten into him lately…but let’s say he’s been rather amorous lately.  I’d love to say that meant cuddling but given the, erm, bedroom gymnastics he’s been inclined to engage in this past week I’m okay with no cuddling.  Really it’s me laying there after going, “Where the fuck did THAT come from?”  He’s been almost completely uninterested except for the occasional drunken foray that I’d pretty much given up even trying anymore.  So I’m not sure if it’s been that Mike and I have gotten “close” (no hanky panky, just a lot of affection and flirting) and therefore he must do the caveman thing and physically claim his territory (which is kinda hot think about, just don’t think of dogs “claiming” their territory by peeing – Eeeeiiiooowww)  or if he’s just coming out of his slump for whatever reason.  I’m just going with it.  That’s easier.

So what to do with myself tonight…Scott thinks I should go to a friend’s kid’s birthday party but I wasn’t invited and while we’ve been friends off and on and Scott’s kids are friends with her I wasn’t invited.  Last year I wasn’t invited but it turned out I was expected to be there…except Scott and I weren’t on good terms so I didn’t even know about it.  I told him last night that Jen (T’s mom) didn’t invite me and I feel weird going without hearing something from her first.  Scott thinks I should go anyway and that it would be expected I would go regardless.  I haven’t decided.  I’m inclined to drop by, say hi and drop off a present then take off.  Tween girl parties can be weird and I’ve discovered more than once being at those parties and not being an “official” mom can get awkward.

Them: “So, do you have kids?”

Me: “No, just furry ones.”

Them: “Oh….so how do you know  ______?”

Me: “My non-boyfriend’s youngest son and T are friends.”  And T’s dad crashed at my house for 6 months after her parents got a divorce and then he suddenly moved to Arkansas.  (I totally leave that out…even more awkward.  It was completely platonic, we were all hanging out all the time and Ray needed a place to crash after Jen kicked him out, then he abruptly left and we’ve heard very little from him since he left)

Them: “Oh.  Are they here?”

Me: “No, they’re with their mom this weekend.”  crickets….crickets…crickets….

I’ve been through this enough to know how much not fun it is.  If Scott’s there then it’s one thing, but he won’t be so it’s awkward as I discovered a couple of years ago when I went alone.   So, I may run to Target after the gym and get her some spa stuff (12 years old girls…this I can shop for) then drop it by.

I still want to hang out with Mike if he doesn’t have plans.  I know he doesn’t do a lot on the weekends, typically, and it beats sitting at home watching TV alone.   Then again I may take advantage of no men around and rent some chick flick from Red Box and see if I can’t get my estrogen levels up.

I was thinking about this earlier when a commercial made me teary.  I’m far more likely to cry in a movie or commercial than I am for me or a close friend.  When it’s me or a close friend I shut down and go into triage / damage control mode and don’t even process anything on my own behalf.  Until later.  When something personal does make me cry it’s usually because emotions have built up so much that the boiling pot explodes all over the place and I end up with those gut wrenching, rip your heart out kind of tears.  But it usually takes a lot to get me there.  I’m not normally weepy on my own behalf.

But anyway.  I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!  Check y’all on Monday!




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