Let it percolate

Published April 7, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Today is one of those days where there a million thoughts and ideas percolating under the surface.  Just like when you’re watching water boil (yes, I do this sometimes, on purpose) and you start to see the bubbles appear on the surface of the pot then, little by little, the bubbles come to the surface.  Small at first, one at a time and then slowly getting larger and coming up faster until you have a rolling boil.

Nothing is full boil yet, but the thoughts like those small bubbles are there.  Nothing tangible yet, nothing to grasp on to.  But it’ll get there.  Tomorrow or the next day.

Meanwhile…a few things in the world that have come across my brain…

Adding baking soda and peroxide to Mtn Dew will make a giant glow stick (what the fuck is in Mtn Dew?)

An unmanned video drone fell on a triathlete’s head during a race in Australia.  Eesh.  It’s not like triathlete’s don’t have enough worries in a race.

I’m about to make reservations for a night on Lake Buchanan the night before a Spartan race that I’m completely unprepared for…the name of the facility?  Hill Country Lodge and Mini-Storage.  You know I have to stay here, it’s vitally important.

The Mortal Instruments Movie was significantly better than I thought it would be.  (Thoughts on that later)  Divergent was also good, but I expected that.  Not Hunger Games good, but good nonetheless.

Who and why and how did someone come up with the idea to name little bits of fried cornmeal with Jalapenos in them “hush puppies?”  If they’re spicy enough it’ll shut you up but still…fried nuggets of cornmeal deliciousness doesn’t equal hush puppies in my mind.  That being said, I have no alternatives for names.

I read through an entire comment section on a blog about the above unmanned drone…because they were bitching about punctuation and grammar and whatnot.  You must read here.

Knitting is bad if you have OCD (must finish this row, must finish this row, cannot move until this row is finished, cannot fast forward through commercials until this row is finished, must use all yarn.  Oh my god, what have I done to myself?!)

Do other cable companies pay extra to advertise on their competitors format?

And lastly…Jon Pinette has passed away.  This is a rough week for comedians.  If you haven’t seen “I’m Starving” go to your Netflix, put it on now.  If you’re having a bad day this will make it all better.   May your cherub like demeanor live on.




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