Wish I had a witty title

Published April 9, 2014 by Tritrigirl

The cat is convinced I am chasing him around the house.  I’m not, he is just really good at getting right in my way.  So he keeps running from me with the look on his face that he reserves for when I’m trying to actually chase him so I can stuff him in his crate and take him to the vet.  Probably doesn’t help that I’ve left his crate out since I brought him home last week.  I’d like to say it’s a hassle to put it away, but it’s not, it’s just another example of something I’m too tired, busy, exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed and lazy to do.  (Other examples of this include clothes strewn all over the house, shoes left in the middle of hallways, dishes in the sink and not the empty dishwasher, cups all over my desk, etc.”

Oreo went in for a surgery consult yesterday which then led to admission for surgery as the vet just happened to have an opening.  His ACL was completely torn and his meniscus was flipped.  My mom, who’s had a torn ACL, multiple knee surgeries and finally a replacement was curious about the procedure.  It’s actually pretty cool.  They don’t try to rebuild the ligament (that’s a different procedure) they actually change the physics of the knee while preserving the geometry of his leg.  He’s also going to be all bionic and shit.  For anyone curious the procedure is called a TPLO and has a quicker overall recovery time, is less likely to have a recurrent injury and most likely to have him back to 100% in less than 6 months (assuming good after care).  Unfortunately it’s also the more expensive option, but since he’s still young we went with it.  Lots of hardware put in that boy’s leg.  He comes home this afternoon and thus starts 6 weeks of recovery.  For at least the first 4 weeks he’ll be crate bound except to eat and go potty.  After 4 weeks he’ll be allowed limited play time, short walks, etc.  After 6 weeks he should be more or less back to his usual level of activity.  I hope it goes quickly.

Grandma is now down 20 pounds in 6 weeks.  She’s no longer able to effectively feed herself due to tremors so she’s having to be fed, which she hates.  My cousin and aunt are there every day visiting.  At least now she can handle longer visits and is less likely to have melt downs if you stay for longer than 15 minutes.  I’m hoping that maybe now she’ll at least maintain her weight if not maybe gain a little back if she’s being fed…no chance for her to just push her food around and then claim she ate half of it.  We don’t think she’ll make it through the summer, but I’m trying to be optimistic.  I also got to visit with my great aunt and uncle when I was up there.  I haven’t seen them in over 20 years.  Wonderful, warm, loving people.  They live in Boston so we didn’t see them unless they came to Idaho.  I’m thankful to have them in the family.

I haven’t been able to concentrate the last couple of days.  I’m all out of sorts.  My work is not getting done.  I know I’ll get it caught up once I get through all this crap.  Now that Oreo’s had surgery it’s one less thing on my plate to worry about.  We just have to be really good about his aftercare.

I signed up for a 30 mile bike ride at the Real Ale Brewery.  This is one of my favorite rides.  For the past 2 years I’ve done the 50 mile but this year I’m just not prepared.  I’m not even ready for the triathlon I’ve got coming up in 30 days.  In a fit of insanity (or stupidity depending on the view) I also signed up for a Sprint Spartan Race (3+ miles) the day after the 30 mile ride.  One of my co-workers is an original Spartan Girl and crazy bad ass and she’s been after me for the past year to do one.  I agreed to do this one and I think she’s even going to run it with me…after she’s run it once that day…after she does the Super Spartan (8+ miles) the day before (I bow down to her bad-assery).  Ideally I’d like to train to do the BEAST (12+ miles) in December with her too.  And if I could hunt down another Super Spartan then I could have a Spartan Trifecta…that would be awesome.  And is now added to my GOAL list.  😉

So for now I’m going to enjoy a cup of tea, because I need it, and try to finish up work so I can go get my baby.  I’m taking the afternoon off to hang out with him and commiserate about being crated up.

Have a happy Wednesday!


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