My sweet angel baby

Published April 10, 2014 by Tritrigirl

It is killing me to leave Oreo at Scott’s house tonight.  Even though the doped up dog won’t even notice I’m gone in the end.  I feel like a new mommy leaving her new baby with a babysitter for the first time.  Here are the elventy-million useful / useless instructions I am giving you for TOMORROW MORNING.  Not tonight.  We’ve doped the boy up, he should sleep GOOOOOOOOOD until tomorrow morning.

I could have pushed to bring him to my house, but he’s Tater Tot’s pup and Tater Tot has elected to sleep on couch cushions next to his crate for the next 6 weeks (we’ll see how this really pans out) while Oreo is crated at night.  So I couldn’t take that away from him and really, I’d just be doing the same thing.  The difference is that I’d be the one providing the care for him.  Not to say Scott and the Tater boys can’t care for him.  They most certainly can…it’s just…well…you know…I’m his mama…and uh, no one can do it like me (as plenty of you moms out there can attest to).

I could stay there, but that would mean Cheetoh spending his nights alone.  And as a cantankerous old man cat (read 10 years old) he needs his attention too and if I’m gone too many nights I end up with too many nights of a grumpy old man hollering at me and trying to sleep on my head.  This will be the best bet.

Oreo actually has a pretty easy regimen.  Pain killers in the AM, pain killers in the PM, antibiotics in the PM and a mild sedative in the PM before bed.  He has to be on a leash to leave his crate unless he’s laying down on the ground.  You have to walk next to him and tell him “slow, slow, careful, easy” repeatedly to so he takes his time and puts weight on the leg.  As the people docs say, you have to use the injured joint while it’s healing that’s best for rehab.  (But CAREFULLY, and SLOW, and EASY and CALM DOWN)  He is encouraged to take 5 minute walks 2-3 times per day for the first couple of weeks and can add time as he gets stronger.  He has a freakin’ cone of shame which he needs or he’ll obliterate his stitches and cause a whole new set of issues.  The cone stays on for 2 weeks.  I pray this goes by quickly.

He was so cute today.  He just would not relax or lay down (partly due to the crate and partly I’m sure from discomfort and partly from the excitement and partly from him being a stubborn ass blue heeler) until this evening after he went potty and we were laying on the floor chilling.  Then daddy came home to snuggle…and within 10 minutes, the dog was OUT.  Fast asleep.  I’d been waiting for him to crash.  I knew it would happen.  He’s had a tough 36 hours and I knew he was wiped out.  Again that’s one of the many reasons I requested an additional sedative.  I know he needs his rest so he can heal and I know that without some added oomph he might fight getting some good sleep in the crate.  And the baby needs his sleep.

I pray the next 2 weeks goes by quickly.  At 3-4 weeks we’re more or less “home free” as far as the major healing and at 2 weeks the stitches come out so I don’t have to worry about that.  I’m so thankful for the vet staff at the hospital and for our awesome surgeon and all the nurses.  For now, I’ll going to go sedate myself because if I start worrying I’ll never get to sleep and I can tell I’m on the verge.  Was hoping that writing it out and sharing it would help.

So good night all and may your dreams be sweet.  Good night, Oreo.  I hope you dream of chewies and chasing squirrels and I hope we’ll get you back to that soon.


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