Wake up, wake up, wake UP

Published April 14, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Mondays are always the days I post the most.  For those of you new to me I don’t do this on the weekends.  Seriously my weekends are full of…stuff?  (Snuggling doped up pups, getting pedicures, running, riding, missing yoga, going to Which ‘wich, sleeping, “imbibing quarts of bathtub gin” JK I hate gin, watching movies and sleeping, wait I said that…)  So I have reading to catch up on and writing to catch up on.

Oreo Update:

My super trooper pup is doing well.  We’ve graduated him to no-cone time when he’s being supervised (i.e. someone sitting RIGHT THERE WITH HIM) so he can’t lick his stitches.  He’s walking better and is willing to do a lap or two around the yard a couple times a day but then he gets tired and has to lay down.  So we limp back into the house where the couch cushions remain disassembled so he can lay down.  He spends most of his time out of the crate passed out on the floor.  I’m considering lowering his tramadol dosage after tomorrow but I want to monitor him first.  I don’t want him all day in pain.  Tomorrow marks 1 week after surgery.  1 more week to go until stitches can come out.  (Halle-fucking-lujah)

Training update:

Ran Saturday about 2.3 miles.  Didn’t run all of it but it wasn’t a bad work out.  Rode 23.4 miles Sunday.  My ass is still sore.  I’m still sore.  I’ve decided to strategically place copies of Triathlon magazine around the house in the effort of motivating myself more.  If that doesn’t work I will also starting placing all my triathlon training books throughout the house.  I’m basically of the mindset that I just want to finish this first race.  JUST FINISH IT.  Didn’t run this morning because it’s hella cold, hella windy and hella rainy.  So I’ll get a work out in before yoga tonight.

Other Random shit:

Was reading back through some old posts…holy shit am I bad with grammar and punctuation.  I feel for you readers (but thank you for putting up with it).  I will try to get better.

Called to make an appointment with the doctor because my meds are fixin’ to (yes, I just wrote that) run out.  Come to find out the last lady I was seeing left and they didn’t have to forethought to notify me or the other patients.  The only other person that will accept my insurance there doesn’t have an opening until the end of May.  So I tell the scheduler that’s fine, we’ll do that BUT I will need my meds refilled in 1 week.  (My previous provider would refill prior to a visit as long as we had something on the books)  The scheduler says, she may want to see you before she authorizes a refill.  PAUSE  But you just said that she doesn’t have anything until the end of May.  How is that going to work?  In the end she was to give the chick a message and I told the pharmacist that I have a new prescriber.  So far, meds have not been filled.  I’ve had to lower my dosage to give me a few days before I have to go cold turkey and when I see them next (at the end of May) I will have some words for the new lady.  I’ll be checking Walgreens repeatedly to see if it was filled.  Then some angry calls to some people if needed because you don’t do that to people.  (Sidenote – first time I’ve ever had this issue with them)

So there is the snippet of my life for today (I’m also procrastinating working).  Happy Monday?  🙂




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