Self Analysis Through 5 Movies

Published April 16, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Since I’m feeling a little uninspired to write something fantastic I’m getting some prompts from here.  This should be fun.

The last 5 movies I’ve watched:

Well, let’s see…the last five movies I’ve watched were not in their entirety so let’s see what I have watched in their entirety.

The Purge

The Internship

The Great Gatsby

Captain America: Winter Soldier

Mortal Instruments: The City of Bone


I’d say this is a somewhat eclectic list as am I.  Although, I’m not one to typically brag about it (I have friend who do this, drives me bonkers…most of us are eclectic in some ways or another).  I’ve half watched a dozen movies or so in the last 5 days mostly while laying around with Oreo to make sure he’s relaxing so he can heal, but very little from start to finish.

So…what do these say about me.

The Purge is a rather dark movie, a little slasher, a little thriller, and my favorite part is where Lena Headley breaks the chick’s nose at the end.  (Sorry for spoilers)  Honestly at the end of that movie, I’d have been sending arsenic cupcakes to my neighbors if it was me in her shoes.  There’s a sequel coming out.  I’d say the moral or theme is that even in a world where chaos reigns and simple human decency is suspended it is possible to rise above it and help someone.  And if you end up shooting someone in the head to do it, well, as long as it’s on Purge Night it’s okay.

Obviously after some darkness we need some light…The Internship – Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.  They play so well off each other.  I always wonder just how much VV is actually scripted and how much is him doing improv.  It’s a heartwarming movie about…taking chances, helping people out, fostering team work and overcoming your limitations.  And it’s a good laugh.  If you didn’t like it you probably don’t like Vince or Owen and it’s okay, I still love you.

The Great Gatsby…I always feel the need to drink copious amounts of champagne and cover myself in sequins when I watch this movie and maybe do some foxtrotting.  I love Baz Luhrman and this did not disappoint.  I don’t care if you don’t like any of the actors, the movie is beautiful and the soundtrack is worthy of repeat in your media player.  A little flashy, a little deep, some definite social commentary and a lot of fun.  The book’s pretty amazing too.

Captain America: Winter Soldier – I’m not a huge Captain America fan.  Loved the Avengers movie and can’t wait for the second one, but these heroes on their own?  Meh.  Not something I’m DYING to see.  Honestly, I’d heard this was good and since we watch Agents of Shield seemed like a good idea at the time.  Plus Chris Evans is HAWT.  Yum.  Moral of this story…good vs. evil?  The usual.  It’s brain candy in movie form with lots of eye candy no matter your proclivities.  Scarlett Johannsen? (rawr) (tangent – Check out The Losers. It came out when The Expendables and The A-Team did and was way better than both but sadly didn’t do as well.)

Lastly – Mortal Instruments…now I have this idea that I’m going to watch a crap load of these teen paranormal romance movies over the course of a few days but only the ones I’ve read as a book and then do a review.  This will be one of them.  This movie was better than I expected, but I get why it didn’t do well.  You have to read the effing book.  Good vs. evil again, plus a side of ordinary can always be extraordinary.


Let’s sum me up!

A little dark and scary, but in the end I’d never hurt anyone on purpose it unless it was to protect someone else…followed by a much needed laugh attack to get over that (makes sense, life’s about balance).  Throw in some party, some sparkle and some bubbly and some brain hiatus while drooling over Chris Evans in tights, a belief that good triumphs over evil (in all these movies) and never take ordinary for granted…you can always be extraordinary you just have to give yourself the chance! And I guess that’s me.  😉

Happy Wednesday! (My Thursday)



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