Search Engines – Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

Published April 22, 2014 by Tritrigirl

So I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day when I get some funny search engine terms coming to my blog and I’m proud to share these…

“Red Neck Wind Gale”

“I’m Pregnancy and have the runs and puking”

Wooooooooooooow.  Not really sure how Red Neck Wind Gale got them to my blog or what a red neck wind gale even looks like.

I do like I’m pregnancy…I’m pregnancy…and have the runs and puking.  Well, that my dear, just sounds awful.  You might consider going to the doctor because it sounds like you might have food poisoning.  Just a hunch.

In other news –

Oreo’s sutures came out successfully.  He’ll be officially NO CONE after tomorrow, however he will be crated until the final follow up appointment in 4 weeks.  The rehab chick was way impressed with his range of motion and how much weight he was putting on it.  No other rehab but short walks that increase each week and slowly introducing hills and eventually stairs.  Still no rough housing or playing or all out running.  Poor guy is still going to be leashed for the next 4 weeks.

Went for a run this morning.  Oh so proud of myself.  Got about a half mile and thought SHIT this hurts.  My calves were tighter than the skinny jeans I’m too chicken to wear but I got them stretched out and after a mile I was feeling better.  I did walk a lot and I tried to not get down on myself.  My cardio is definitely good,  my body needs some work.

Found a Spartan Super (8-9 miles) race in VA near the end of August.  If I can get my mileage up to at least a 10K, where it SHOULD be at that point, then I may be able to swing it.  It’s also about an hour from my Mom’s house in Harrisonburg so that’s a further mark in it’s favor.  Required mom visitation covered.

My current running goal is to be around 4 miles comfortably by the end of June.  Since I’m struggling with 2 miles right now it seems so out of reach, but I know if I can find that obnoxious tenacity inside myself I’ll get there.  Regardless I have to be in 10K shape by Labor day to complete the TriRock Austin Olympic distance triathlon.  August is also my 6 month lady visit follow up and I’d like to impress the doctor again with my weight loss.

A few thoughts on that.  I know there’s a lot of us with body issues and eating disorders (I thankfully overcame my stint in high school when I kept almost passing out due to low blood sugar).  I’ve somewhat come to terms with my weight as a concept and really try to focus more on my fitness and competition (if you can call it that) goals instead of a number on the scale or the number in my jeans.  Jeans sizes are awful; I went to Target and tried on 3 different styles of jeans and had 3 different sizes (anywhere from 12-18) so to me it’s ridiculous.  I still hate shopping, except for work out clothes, because THOSE sizes are always the same.

So instead I look at trying to get my mile time down to a consistent 10-11 minute mile over 3-6 miles (right now we’re hovering at 13:30-14:30).  I try to go for a 14-16 mph on the bike (we’re at 11-13 mph).  How many push ups can I do? (More than last week) How much weight do I need on the bar for a good work out?  (More than last week)  In the end as I meet these fitness goals I know that inevitably my weight will come down as it has in the past.  I’ll feel more confident and I won’t dread the fitting rooms quite as much.  I know I’ll never be a size 4, even at my skinniest in high school I was a size 8-10, that’s just how my body is built.  All booty and I’m fine with that.  I’d be happy being a size 10 again, but that isn’t my goal and my happiness and confidence are not contingent on that (I know people significantly skinnier than me that can’t hang with my training).

I want to be healthy, fit and to complete all my races this year.  That’s the real goal.

Now…go forth and conquer!


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