“Which way do you want to go? Yes, which way?”

Published April 23, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Top 5 places that I want to go courtesy of The Daily Prompt:

5. Italy – Because it’s steeped in history and food and wine and everything that is beautiful and delicious in this world.  I watched Under the Tuscan Sun…and let’s be honest although I’m not handy I’d totally buy a villa and gut it just so I could be as fabulous as her.

4. England / Germany / France / Switzerland – So I put these all together because I’d love to go to them eventually and here’s why – History.  England – Doctor Who (that’s not really the MAIN reason, Graham Norton counts too), castles.  Germany – History, beer, castles (and I’m part German).  France – wine, Salvador Dali.  Switzerland – CERN, Large Hadron Collider (I watch too much Big Bang Theory).

3. Australia – As a proud owner of two Aussie Cattle Dogs I feel it’s my duty to go to their “mother land” and check it out.  There’s also supposed to be some amazing snorkeling / scuba diving as well.

2. Bali – I admit to have jumped on the band wagon after reading and watching Eat, Pray, Love.  But then I also found out that a week there (if planned right) is really affordable.  I’d love to explore some of the artist colonies there and take some time on the beaches.  It’s a different world – full of color and beauty.

1. Scotland (went there) Wales / Ireland – This is a toss up.  Both places speak to me in the way that Scotland spoke to me when looking at pictures and watching movies.  Speaks to my heart and soul.  I feel such a connection to these places (Scotland, Wales and Ireland) that is difficult for me to really put into words.  It’s almost home to me.  Plus Cardiff has a Doctor Who museum so that is imperative to check out.  And, I’m 1/4 Welsh, so you know…

I’m am promising myself that 1 and 2 will happen in the next 10 years.  As a gift to myself.

Safe travels and happy trails!

PS – Groupon has had some fantastic getaways to some of these places and more.  Some are extraordinarily affordable with some smart planning and saving.  Worth checking out.  😉


2 comments on ““Which way do you want to go? Yes, which way?”

    • I’m not sure, but they are backed by a travel agency. There was one for Australia / New Zealand and a few for Ireland. Worth looking into. Airfare can be a pain as sometimes it’s only out of certain airports so there would be an extra cost there potentially but it could be a reason to extend the trip by a couple days. 🙂

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