I swear I’m not ignoring you

Published April 25, 2014 by Tritrigirl

I think I’ve been pretty quiet for awhile, although to be honest, I’ve been so frakking exhausted from my work outs that I can’t really think straight.

This weekend Scott was taking the Tater boys to Houston but it turns out French Fry has a band thingy on Saturday that he can’t miss and instead of staying with his mom for the weekend, he begged to stay with me.  On one hand I’m totally flattered but on the other.  The fuck, dude?  I had plans…I had dreams…okay, really I just wanted a break from all of them (things like this make me question whether or not I should ever have kids).  I wasn’t going to Houston because we’d have to board the dogs and it’s about $42 per night per dog and since Oreo is currently in a no rough housing state he’ll have to board separately from Blueberry so we won’t get a multiple dog discount…so it was just easier that I stay home.  I was planning on getting a lot of yard work in tomorrow after my run since it desperately needs to be done.  And French Fry could totally help but he is supposed to mow his neighbor’s yard and he wants to get paid.  I’m not paying him.  I’ll buy him lunch but I’m not giving him $20 to mow my yard when I can do it for free.  This is why I don’t hire lawn people to begin with.  Yes, it’s a pain and yes, I have to carve out time for it but I can do it and I enjoy doing it so why should I pay someone to do it?

Any way, so I have a $100 Home Depot budget to get mulch and some new flowers and to price trees and shrubbery.  I’ll try to get as much of that done before I have to pick up French Fry from the school and then get started on my shit.  The other issue with him is that he’s not exactly trust worthy alone.  It’s sad to say that a 14 year old needs a babysitter but the kid will eat an entire jar of peanut butter and steal shit if he’s not supervised…well, that’s what he’s done in the past.  He’s also going to buy his own running shoes and we’re supposed to take Scott’s watch that he broke to get fixed.  In the end I might still get to do stuff I want to do we’ll see.  Scott totally owes me.

Other news – I swam the other day, used my underwater MP3 player which totally made the work out better and I think I’ve discovered that if I go around 9:30 am all the people have finished their morning swims and it’s easier to get in, get out and get on with my day.  I also hate sharing lanes.

Oreo’s doing well.  Walking really well.  Incision’s healing well too.  Finished my first knitting thing.  I realized that it’s possible to “sew” pieces together so I might just make a bunch of rectangles and then “sew” them together to make a blanket.

The weather’s lovely.  Body pump is kicking my ass.  And even though it’s early still I think I’m taking a nap at “lunch.”  It’s a quiet morning for work and if it stays that way no one will notice.  Plus all my stuff is done because I busted my ass earlier this week to get everything knocked out.  Cuz that’s how I roll.  😛

Have a bad ass weekend everyone!  And if I can get my yard in order I will share some pictures!


2 comments on “I swear I’m not ignoring you

  • Good luck with the yard project. And I totally get you on the work/exhaustion thing. I have mandatory (unpaid) overtime next week. Who knows what will be left of me by this time next Friday. LOL

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