I’m Gonna Wreck IT!

Published April 25, 2014 by Tritrigirl

I found it terribly entertaining that today’s daily post prompt asks what trade would you like to learn.

It’s entertaining because I happen to have a tab in my web browser opened to HOME DEPOT!  Where I have been pricing flooring, flowers, mulch and trees.  I got the landscaping stuff down, I just don’t have the patience for it.  Seriously if I could devote at least 1 weekend each month to work on the yard I’d be totally down for it and have so many tomatoes I wouldn’t know what to do with them all but sometimes I don’t even have time to do my laundry so…yeah.  Note to self – gotta do laundry, been wearing the same sports bra for 2 days.

Anyway.  If I could learn a trade it would general contractor…just general and here’s why.  I need to replace some siding.  I need to replace some trim around the garage and in the front of the house from when the gutters were pulled off (monsoon storm pulled my gutters off).  I need to check the wiring in the light fixture in the entryway and figure out what the hell is wrong with the light even though I’ve replaced the bulb a few times.  I need to pull up the carpet in the living room, put down laminate and THEN cut up some tiles for some ultra amazing border for the sunken living room.  And then I could replace the counter tops and back splash in the kitchen.  Oh yeah, and paint the effing house.

As of now if I try to do any of this…I will fall off the roof, off the ladder, electrocute myself, slice off fingers or other appendages,  glue myself to something  and in the end have to call one of those shows from the DIY channel and send them pictures of the botched job in hopes that they come film an episode at my house and take care of all of it for me because it’s clear that aside from the occasional use of a drill to hang shit I have no business operating power tools.

I lived without a toilet and without flooring in my bathroom for 6 months because my friend that was supposed to finish tiling and replacing the toilet bailed on me.  (In case you were worried, I wasn’t peeing outside, I have two bathrooms.  Although if I didn’t then I’m certain I would have had that shit finished sooner.)  My usual “handy man” is a friend of ours and he’s done amazing things.  Replaced my dining room ceiling and some sheet rock that Blueberry tore up, finished the tiling and everything upstairs and regrouted some of the tiles in the downstairs bathroom.  Sadly, he was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma about a year ago and since hasn’t been well enough for work.  So I joined Angie’s List and am scoping things out.  Scott helps me when he can but he doesn’t always have time and I feel like I end up nagging him.

I’m all about being a independent woman, but this independent woman has to call someone to fix the shit she can’t.  Unless I can bribe my dad to come down…which won’t happen since he’s moving this summer.  Sigh.  Anyone painted their house?  Did you do it yourself or hire someone?  How much did it cost?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Happy Friday!!


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