Day 2 – Music Challenge

Published May 2, 2014 by Tritrigirl



Today we’re up to A song that reminds you of you most recent ex….bit of back story.  Aron was a guy I dated in middle school (if you can call that dating) and one night in high school while I was accompanying my little brother to a little League pizza party at the pizza place he was working at I came to discover a post it note on my car that said “Always and Forever” shit we used to write to each other…I’ll love you always and forever because at 14 you totally know what that means.  Anyway, he wasn’t the kind of guy I dated in high school.  I was a jock / nerd so I didn’t really fit in anywhere and dated “off centered” guys.  Fast forward to my 20’s after epic asshole cheated on me and left I got back in touch with Aron.  We exchanged letters and phone calls then I went to see him in Boise.  He totally ditched me after 2 days.  Come to find out later that he’d knocked up his ex and was planning to marry her and was too chicken to tell me.  Thankfully I had friends in Boise who came to my rescue.  Fast forward to 2012 I get a random message from him on FB.  Turns out he and his wife are splitting he’s been discharged from the military with severe PTSD and TBI.  Anyway.  You’d think I’d learned by now but I was lonely, my brother and sister in law had just had a baby and I was pissed at Scott so Aron and I struck up a type of relationship again (first as friends and then turning into something more) and I went to see him.  This time he didn’t ditch me and I had an amazing week hanging out with him and ignoring every red flag I encountered (too much pot smoking, rages, forgetfulness due to PTSD and TBI).  In the end he got back with his wife and was too chicken to tell me (surprise, surprise).  I was hurt, but it was my own damn fault and I got over it.  He’s a mess his wife can deal with.  I’m all for taking care of people you love, but that was too much.

Through this most recent encounter the songs “Starry Eyed” by Ellie Goulding and “Breathless” by Better Than Ezra always came to mind.  I eventually got over associating Breathless with him because I love that song so much and now it’s a song to myself but Starry Eyed is still his song and his ringtone so I know to dodge the asshat if he ever tries calling and crying to me again.

Disclaimer: I would never rule anyone out romantically if they were prior military with PTSD and / or TBI.


8 comments on “Day 2 – Music Challenge

  • I agree, I would never rule out anyone with those conditions, or addiction, etc. as long as they were doing what they can to manage it/treat it.

    My back and forth ex is forever associated with “Promises” by Eric Clapton. It ended for good a while ago, but I still think of him when the song shows up on my playlists.

    • He was trying to get help…he was having a hard time with therapy (group times, finding someone he liked). He couldn’t be medicated because he had harsh reactions to meds. Hence the pot smoking. Which apparently isn’t that uncommon.

  • My husband has PTSD, and while I love him to pieces, I’m glad he got all the help he could before we met, because he’s a handful as it is right now — I honestly don’t think I would have stayed with him had we gotten together pre-treatment. And yes, pot is the mildest of self-medication that happens out here with soldiers.

    Mental illness aside, some people just suck.

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