25 Days of Music – Day 3

Published May 3, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Well now, aren’t y’all just special as all get out?  😛  I took time out of my not so busy weekend to sit down at the computer to post for you…okay and to play Candy Crush on FB because I’m out of lives on my phone and am dreading going shopping for new Tri shorts since my ass is too big to fit into the ones I was wearing last year.  I swear they WILL fit again by the next race.  Grrrrrrrrr


Day 3


A song that reminds you of one or both of your parents.  My parents have somewhat similar tastes in music except that my dad listens to way more country than my mom.

Every time I hear anything from Nancy Griffith off of Little Love Affairs, One Fair Summer Evening or Flyer I will forever think of my dad.  He discovered her during my parents divorce and for some reason it resonated with him.  I just like her stories and her music.

My mom will forever be immortalized by Wilson Phillips, Richard Marx, Phil Collins, and the Jeff Healey Band.  Those are the groups we used to listen to when she bought her own house after my dad and her divorced and she moved on with her life (go MOM).

So nothing in particular but some people for you to Google if you feel so inclined.

Now I’m off to shower and go shopping.  Because they won’t let me run naked tomorrow and I really wouldn’t want to anyway.  Have a great Saturday and I’ll catch up later.  No promises about tomorrow.  I may be too exhausted to brush my hair, let alone type.


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