Day 6 of Music and Memory

Published May 6, 2014 by Tritrigirl

25 songs 25 days

Now we’re onto Day 6 – A song that remind you of a best friend.

I’ve got 2 – Jump – Criss Cross and What’s Going On – 4 Non Blondes and here’s why:

My two best friends, Mindy and Megan, in Junior High would pick a popular song and then be silly and dress accordingly the last day of school.  7th grade was Jump and we rocked the backwards pants and baseball jerseys (going to the bathroom was interesting) and 8th grade was What’s going on and we rocked the whole grunge, flannel, cut offs, combat boots and braids thing.  They were epic days, I tell you.

Nowadays we’re very far apart.  Mindy’s still in Boise with her 3 kids and divorced, Megan’s divorced and recently-ish moved to Seattle with her kiddo and new boyfriend.  But thanks to the wonders of Facebook we’ve been able to reconnect and keep in touch after years of no news.  On one hand I’m sad that I never stayed in Boise and who knows how my life would have turned out…would I also be a single mom with a divorce under my belt?  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I commend all the single parents out there.  I’ve seen your world, up close and personal, and all y’all are amazing and stronger than you can ever imagine or give yourself credit for.  Not that married parents aren’t awesome too but when you’ve got a partner or back up, if you will, you’ve got some help.  Some single parents can’t even get their ex’s to back them up on simple disciplinary actions.)

I doubt I’d be in the industry I’m in and goodness knows what I’d be doing with me life.  Maybe I’d have gone to BSU.  Maybe I’d have discovered Microbiology while contemplating Nursing but the CROs aren’t in Boise so I’d probably have gone into some sort of health field after all.  Or left Boise in the long run.

I love to go back and visit and at times wish I could move back.  My job now has way more flexibility, I just need internet.  My dad and stepmom, brother and his girlfriend are moving to Boise…so now the idea of Boise has less appeal.  Not that I don’t love them, but I don’t want to see them all the time.  I’d rather be closer to the older of my two brothers…besides, he’s got the baby.  🙂

And now you’ve had a HUGE tangent from what was supposed to be a song that reminded me of my best friend.
Happy Tuesday and we’ll see ya later!


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