Day 9 of Music – Let’s be hopeful

Published May 9, 2014 by Tritrigirl

25 songs 25 days

My head feels like it’s in a vice.  Allergies are sucking all the energy out of me.  I’m sure work today is going to be super interesting.  Ugh.  And I’m almost out of Kleenex.  Will someone please come over, make me chicken and dumpling soup from HEB and make me a grilled cheese sammich while I lay on the couch or in bed and watch bad daytime TV?  That would be awesome if you would.

For a song that makes me feel hopeful…HMMM…Okay.  I think I’ve got one.

Kelly Clarkson – Stronger.

Every time I hear this song I think I am woman here me RAWR!  I can take on anything life throws at me and I will make it!

This song got me through an awful looking hill in the Real Ale ride the first year I did it (2012).  The hill comes up at about mile 36-38 in a 50 mile ride.  So you’re already pretty bonked at that point.  You can see it coming a ways off.  It’s really intimidating.  Most people don’t even attempt it.  They stop, unclip and walk up.  So I thought I’d be awesome and attempt this bitch.  So I’m zig zagging up (because that’s easier than straight up) when it dawns on me that I’m in my easiest gear and practically parallel with the hill.  And I don’t think I’m going to make it and I’m sucking air like a vacuum.  Then it further dawns on me that I’m actually going too slow to stop and unclip without falling over.  In front of about 8 people.  I refuse to fall over on my effing bike and look like a noob.  So I dig deep.

Very, very deep and with Kelly hollering at me from my phone – “What doesn’t kill you makes stronger, stand a little taller, doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone.  What doesn’t kill you makes a fire, puts the fever on ya, doesn’t mean I’m over cuz you’re gone.”  I make it up that god damned hill in front of everyone, including the Air Force Cycling team guys.  Yeah, you can suck it.  🙂  And I realized when I was at the top, leaning over my handlebars, trying for the life of me to catch my breath, with Scott congratulating me that if I can make it up that thing, as exhausted as I already was I can probably make it through anything.  It was physical but it was also mental, very, very mental.  I got this.  I can do anything.  And after that outrageous hill?  About 2 miles of rolling hills needing very little power output from me because of the speed of the downhill.

Thanks Kelly for teaching me that in addition to realizing what my body can do once I get over the mental aspect of it, once you get to the top of any hill or mountain physically or metaphorically there’s logically a downhill.  Some smooth sailing.  A chance to catch your breath.  And the knowledge that when faced with the challenge you can rise to meet it and make it your bitch.

Happy Friday all!  Check ya later!



3 comments on “Day 9 of Music – Let’s be hopeful

  • I take it everyday since I had them so bad at the beginning of the year. I’m up to Zyrtec and Benadryl and sinus rinses twice a day with Flonase. It’s just really, really bad here right now. 😦 Stupid Texas.

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