Day 14 of Music

Published May 14, 2014 by Tritrigirl

25 songs 25 days

Ah lawd.  What have we got today?  Well it’s Day 14 and that means….A song that reminds you of your boyfriend / girlfriend.  I’ve never had a girlfriend so I have no idea what song would be for her, and while Scott is technically NOT my boyfriend I have plenty of songs for him.

The latest one, albeit not a new song, Calvin Harris with Florence Welch (of Florence + the Machine).  This is actually his ring tone.  (Beats out Pink’s Blow Me (One Last Kiss) that was his ring tone last year)

And now for your viewing and listening pleasure:


4 comments on “Day 14 of Music

  • I hadn’t heard this song before. Another good one!

    All of y’all in this challenge are really blowing my music budget for this month LOL

    • Lol. I go through Amazon MP3 player because I don’t have an iPod…okay I do but I just put all my MP3s on it and rarely use it. Unless you super attached to iTunes you might check it out. Songs aren’t usually more than $1-2. I have no idea what iTunes charges though.

      • I have used Amazon before, I just keep forgetting them as an option. I think the prices are pretty comparable for each, probably just different variety 🙂

      • I’ve bought quite a bit on there. I keep an eye out for CDs (cuz I’m still Old School. Okay, my car doesn’t have an MP3 player or bluetooth) and download combos. The last Fall out boy albums I bought came with both for the price of one. Pretty nice deal.

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