Boy, it sure is purdy out there…

Published May 16, 2014 by Tritrigirl

As I get ready to go out for my Friday run / torture / work out.  I’m filled with nerves and trepidation.
See I went to the chiropractor for my ankle and subsequent IT band issues on Monday and he doesn’t want me running either.  Not until I can get some of the weight off and not until I can get my mile time down.  Of course, if one cannot run, how is one to get their mile time down?  One runs 2 minutes and walks 1 minute.  And one does 1/4 mile intervals on a 11-12 min mile pace.  Which really, really sucks.  I did the 1/4 mile intervals on the treadmill the other day even though as much as I abhor the treadmill it really is a better measurement of mileage than by guessing which 1/4 mile marker is accurate on the hike and bike trails.  There’s a few near where the trails converge where there’s really no way to tell which is right but obviously one of them is not.

Any way.  I mostly did my first week of tri team training.  Made it to the swim practice on Monday, but didn’t make it to the track practice on Wednesday as there wasn’t time given the things I needed to do.  Tomorrow is a big brick workout but because I’m going to be doing the Real Ale Ride tomorrow I just won’t be able to go.

That’s another thing.  For the past 2 years Scott and I have done the 50 mile course sorta / kinda together (okay, he waits at the rest stops for me) but this year due to Oreo’s past surgery (he still hasn’t past the 6 weeks mark for his final check out) and with the Tater boys having a swim meet this weekend, he won’t be coming along.  So I’m going it alone.  I’m hoping to run into people I’ve met at various rides / races / meetups but it’s hard to say.  So I need to sneak out early today to head out of town.  After the ride tomorrow I’ll hang out at the Brewery until I can drive up to Marble Falls so I can check into my hotel and get ready for the Spartan Race on Sunday.

Did I mention I’m kinda doing all this on my own?  I have a co-worker who has come to town for the Spartan weekend so I’ll catch up with her Sunday morning and Scott is meeting me at the race, but still.  More or less alone.  It’s kinda weird.  Not that there’s anything wrong with doing it alone, but it’s different to know that my usual support system won’t be around.  And so, I’m nervous.

The chiropractor didn’t tell me to NOT do the Spartan race, which was nice, he just said, “Be Careful!”  And then proceeded to order me an MRI so he can take a look at what’s all happenin’ in my ankle.

The weather is amazing, but it’s windy.  If it’s windy tomorrow the ride is gonna be rough in some places.  I’ll be doing the 30 mile instead of the 50 (which I am in NO way prepared for anyway) so I expect to be done a bit earlier.  I’d pray that the 30 mile course avoids the hill from hell as noted previously but I know it doesn’t.  The 30 mile turn off is at the rest stop before the fucking hill of death.  I’m hoping to make it up, yet again, but I’m just not in the same fitness state that I was this time last year.  Or the year before that.  Or, aw, hell.  I’ll get there again.  Next year maybe I’ll be bad ass enough to not only do the 50 mile on Saturday but still run the Spartan Sprint on Sunday.

Think happy thoughts for me this weekend and assuming no major catastrophes I’ll check back in on Monday with another Stephanie Super Monday Monster Post.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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