Yeah, we’re a little behind, but we’ll catch up

Published June 11, 2014 by Tritrigirl

It’s been a whirlwind last week, y’all.  I have had some major stress, some major tears, some majors victories and have been so all over the place I’ve been second guessing my psychiatrist’s decision to change my meds.  But then I got through my race Sunday and thought, “Holy shit, I needed that.  That’s what was going on.”  Apparently too few work outs over the week make Stephanie turn into Super-Psycho-Stephanie.  OY.  She needs to stay away.

Any who.

Let’s play catch up!

Steve’s Monday Wednesday music mix:

Here’s the skinny –

Each week I will post 3 new questions so…

(1) Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
(2) Say the questions aloud and press play
(3) Use the song title as your answers

And here we go:

I am…?  Feathers – Coheed and Cambria

Comments: I’ve been waiting for these guys to show up.  So…I am…uh….”Right now, hide your feathers on the back porch, baby.
He’s coming home for… you’ve… been… such… a liar.  Hide your feathers, little back porch lady.   You’re too old enough to cry your sorry eyes out over the world.” I think this song is in reference to the character of Claudio being in love with on of the Prise (angelic like creatures in the story) and I guess their meeting again after a long separation, although I think THE one was killed in an earlier album.  There’s a crazy backstory to this band’s music, you should check it out.  Anyway, love this song.

I feel…? I’ve Got All This Ringing in My Ears and None on My Fingers – FOB

Comments: “And I’m so sorry, but not really….tell the boys where to find my body….The truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do, to you.  The truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do, to you.”  Steve…creepy as all get out.  Sounds a bit like my Friday night.

I sometimes think that you…?  Love Ridden – Fiona Apple

Comments: “No, not baby anymore.  If I need you, I’ll just use your simple name.  Only kisses on the cheek from now on and in a little while, we won’t have to wait.  My hands won’t hold you down no more, the path is clear to follow through.  I’ve stood too long in the way of the door and I’m giving up on….you.”  Steve….owch.  Yeah.

On to a more lighter note (is that a phrase?)!

Cee’s Week 23 Share Your World (see how I mixed that up? No? Okay, damn)

Would your rather be stuck in a small plane with mild turbulence for 2 hours or be a passenger in a car racing the Daytona 500?

God I hate turbulence, but I hate being in a car and not the driver and going super speed.  So it’s a toss up.

Would you rather be alone with nobody in the vicinity for one month or never be alone not even for a minute for one month?

Alone.  I’d kill someone who was around every minute of every day for a month…notice I don’t have children…

Would you like to sleep in a human size nest in a tree or be snuggled in a burrowed spot underground?

Tree.  Underground freaks me out.  You’ll never find this chickie cave diving and I won’t rescue your ass when the creature comes out to kill you.  You are on your own…

In a car would you rather drive or be a passenger?

Depends on where we’re going.  I don’t mind sometimes because I get to control the music and everything else (no, I’m not a control freak at all), but driving for long periods of time sucks, so I’d rather trade off.  Short trips, don’t care, but don’t get pissed at me for giving you directions…and then don’t get pissed because I quit giving you directions because you got pissed that I was giving them in the first place.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week – IS OVER.  Had a great race Sunday.  Took 3 minutes off my last course time and am 15 minutes off my best course time.  Doesn’t seem so out of reach.

This week – Race Sunday, fancy dinner with Scott and that tater boys, and, that’s pretty much it for now.


I’ll catch you up on Rome shortly.  Have a great Wednesday!


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