Building Rome – While Distracted – Week 3

Published June 12, 2014 by Tritrigirl

So it’s time for a little accountability…sigh…

Okay, for those who’d like to get more information and play along check out the skinny here.

Last week’s goals:

1. Swimming – 2 pool work outs

2. Continue to do PT 6 out of 7 days

3. Continue to avoid drinking Monday – Thursday.  This will be difficult as tomorrow is the anniversary of Walt’s death.  As craft beers will be consumed I will trade out Saturday for Wednesday and I have a race Sunday anyway.

4. Started the Spartan 30 sit ups in 30 days today.  Resolve to do at least 6 out of 7 days while making up for any missed days as well.

5.  Mail the freakin’ package as it now contains my brother’s birthday gift as well.


So how did we pan out?

1. Fail…my second swim day did not happen.  Will persevere.  Last week was a Charlie Foxtrot of a week (or Cluster Fuck if you’d rather).

2. Done…mostly…but I stay on it and have noticed quite a few benefits.

3. I did do well here….drank Wednesday, Friday and Sunday as I was planning.  Go me!

4. Am caught up and going strong.  I will have abs of steel one day!

5.  DONE!  Finally!  Confirmed package arrived safely with nothing broken!

So 4 out of 5 – not too shabby.

While we’re a little behind let’s go with this week:

1. 1 pool workout.  I have a race Sunday, it’s now Thursday.  Today’s plan is to swim this afternoon.

2. Continue with Spartan 30 sit ups for 30 days

3. Send out Father’s Day gifts to dad and brother!

4. Swim the Pville Tri 500m in no more than 20 minutes (assuming no white caps on the lake)

5. Continue PT exercises 6 out of 7 days per week.


Last weekend’s race really helped me to dial in on what I need to work on training-wise.  The main things are the swim and run…the bike needs work too but not quite as much.  Last weekend I did 3 minutes better than the previous race on that course.  I would have done even better but I dropped my chain halfway up a monster hill and ended up walking it.  No momentum, steep grade, no way in hell was I going to try to ride it.  But I still ended up taking time off the course and am now 15 minutes off my best time for that course.  15 minutes…I can do this.  I did a mile time last night and in the 96 F heat with a ton of humidity I did it in 13:47.  Faster than I normally go, which means when it’s not so hot I’m actually a little faster.  I told my coach I’d like to be down to an 11 minute mile and she said that if I stuck with it we could get me there by next spring.  I feel very hopeful!!


I have another race on Sunday and I know that it’s going to be tougher, it’s a little longer than what I’ve been doing but I can push through it.  When I finished the race last Sunday I knew I could have pushed more, I fully intend to this weekend.  Last year’s time on that course was 2:03:26 and my best time was 1:54:36.  I’d like to finish in 2 hours and if I can get my swim done faster then I may be able to do that.  It’s just 3 1/2 minutes.  I may be able to take that off my run time, we shall see.  I have less pain when I run than I did last year.  If I can get a good warm up in before the swim and get my breathing under control I should be able to nail it.  Fingers crossed and wish me luck!






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