Welcome to Texas – The Home of Psycho Weather

Published April 10, 2015 by Tritrigirl

When you live in Central Texas you get extremely familiar with the phrase “Don’t like the weather?  Wait 5 minutes.”  Drives me batshit crazy but it’s pretty accurate.  After the winter / spring / winter / spring debacle of earlier this year I have given up on believing what the weather people say.  They may as well be asking questions into a Magic 8 Ball.

All signs point to rain...no sun...no rain...no sun

All signs point to rain…no sun…no rain…no sun

So today I was supposed to mow.  Because my weekend plan to mow has to be moved because I’m suddenly volunteering at the team tent at the Capital 10K Expo tomorrow.  And my yard is starting to resemble a domesticated jungle.

This morning I wake up…the weather is cloudy, chilly, windy and what’s that?  Why rainy!  Of course it’s rainy!  On the day  I WANT to mow and the day I was planning on getting my car washed.  So I obviously decide not to mow at lunch because it’s wet.  And now….it’s sunny.  No rain, light breeze, minimal clouds.  I should mow…maybe…but the grass is wet, which makes mowing a pain in the ass.  So hopefully my morning chores tomorrow will go by quickly so I can get the yard mowed…before someone sends me a nasty gram.  Or before critters move in (we have critters in Texas, sometimes cute, sometimes not so much).

I’d say at least it’s not freezing again…but…it was 85 yesterday…it’s 59 right now.  So…uh…yeah.

Happy Friday, all!  Have a spectacular weekend.  I’ll be running 12 miles tomorrow…yay?


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