New Doctors….

Published May 1, 2015 by Tritrigirl

Today I’m going to see my new psychiatrist.  My insurance changed at the first of the year so I had to switch.  Not that I was terribly attached to the last one, as I’d only met her once and she was my third psychiatrist at office in 2 years.  I had an okay rapport with my first two psychiatrists over there too.  But again, not terribly attached.  I did like me therapist and sadly I will have to either pay out of network for him or find a new one.  The office I was going to was on of those one-stop-shops kinda places.  Therapist and Psychiatrist in one place, sharing notes in the server so everyone was aware of what was going on.  Easy peasy.  But now I’ve moved onto the “only if you need it” for therapy and I haven’t been in a long time.  Not that I probably don’t NEED it, I just haven’t felt like I needed it.  I seem to be doing all right.

But I hate switching doctors.  You hash through your medical history, your psychiatric history, family history, they ask you a million questions, all the while I’m internally saying “don’t commit me, don’t commit me.”  Not that they would.  I’m not a danger to myself or anyone else…unless you are pizza or macaroni and cheese or cadbury mini-eggs, then I’m a danger to you.  I have no intentions of being a danger to myself or anyone else.  I don’t even have the energy for yelling at traffic right now (been sick with allergies).  And really I am in a good place.  But I always feel like I have to convince the next doctor of that.  I’m in a good place.  What I’m taking is working for me….let’s just stick with it.  No reinventing the wheel.

So anyway, that’s what’s on my mind right now and I thought I should share.

Have a race Sunday.  Been sick from allergies and working on a sinus infection so I’m not really sure if I WILL race.  I’ll be there regardless.  I’ll volunteer.  But it hurts my sinuses and ears if I bend over…and I’m all fuzzy headed.  UGH.  I have no time to be sick.  It’s gorgeous outside and I’ve got so many things I’d like to do and I’ve missed out on A LOT of workouts this week.  ARGH.

Happy Friday.


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