My Journey is Better Than Your Journey

Published June 18, 2015 by Tritrigirl

So this morning as I was showering I started thinking about JOURNEYS.  Not the shoe store and not the band (Although I do love me some Journey), but the recent (or seemingly recent) update to meaning of the word “journey.”

The Webster Dictionary defines Journey as:

Full Definition of JOURNEY

:  an act or instance of traveling from one place to another :  trip
chiefly dialect :  a day’s travel
:  something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another journey from youth to maturity> journey through time>

Lately however it seems that definition number 3 is used more often.  As in, “My fitness journey has been long and fraught with challenges” or “My journey from married to single has been scary, intimidating and amazing.” I hear a lot about fitness journeys because I’m on a couple groups on FB that are women in triathlon or just bad ass warrior goddesses in training.  There’s a lot of journeying in there.  Sometimes I wonder if we’re not journeying ourselves to death.  When I hear someone describe something they’re doing as a journey, my imagination immediately goes to stories of Odysseus or Hercules.  They’re battling Minotaurs and slaying hydras, even if it’s in the form of avoiding donuts, going to speed dating or fertility shots.

We all have our life’s journey, possibly fitness journey, mental health journey, beginning anew journey, closure journey and sometimes a good old fashioned journey, journey.  As in a trip.  Like a physical trip from where you are to where you want to be.  Not a metaphorical one.  I dig the idea of the metaphorical journey, I really do.  It means that one is making some sort of a drastic change and learning how to do it, sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding, but my question is this:

Does a metaphorical journey ever end?

Take someone going through a divorce, at some point you move on, find a new (and hopefully better) life, you become comfortable with yourself again in this new “world,” so that’s the end right?  Not that it HAS to be the end, but more or less, you have arrived (to quote my GPS).  So it’s done, yeah?

A fitness journey…well, I think that can probably last FOREVER (not that any other can’t but bear with me).  So at what point is the journey part of your normal routine, part of your life?  The 4-6 workouts a week that you used to abhor and would take everything you had to just get out there and do it are now something you look forward to.  You’ve lost the weight or gained the fitness (however you want to look at it), you’ve met your goals or almost and proceeded to update them as you go along.  So as I asked, at what point is the journey part of your life?  Is it still a journey?

I mean, moving to another country would be a journey.  Not only physically but metaphorically.  Eventually though, you learn the language (I hope), you make new friends, you learn your town / village / city / hamlet, you have a new life.  So, that journey would be over, right?  You have assimilated.  Which I would think is the goal.

The journey to have children can be a nightmare, but once the shots are over, the tests are done, the probing has ended, you’ve had a successful pregnancy (or more) you’ve got that squalling bundle of joy in your arms.  That journey is over and you’ve got a whole NEW journey for at least 18 years coming.

In the end we all have our journeys, be they metaphorical (almost typed metaphysical…I guess it could be that too) or physical.  I talked a little about my triathlon journey, weight loss journey and mental health journey, so what kind of journey are YOU on?  Talk to me Goose.


2 comments on “My Journey is Better Than Your Journey

    • And that, my friend, is a journey in it of itself. So take stock, pack a back, go over some maps, make a plan and make it happen. As your challenge states Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’ll take some work, but you’ll get there.

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