Another dreary cloudy Saturday (sing to the tune of “Another Pleasant Valley Sunday”)

Published June 20, 2015 by Tritrigirl

So it’s Saturday and once upon a time my Saturdays used to be FULL of stuff, training, cleaning, training, training, shopping, training.  See when I wasn’t on a tri team and was winging it myself Saturdays and Sundays were the days of “the long workouts.”  Long run on Saturday, long ride on Sunday.  Now with my tri team I don’t do that.  My “long” workout on Saturdays is the only one I have.  My training calendar seems a bit sparse, but my coach swears by it.  I trust her certifications and her years of experience, but I often wonder if I didn’t do better when I had a stricter regime I held myself to.

Because, yeah, so not motivated.

To really do ANYTHING.

I’m beginning to blame the weather.  We’ve had an incredibly long stretch of cloudy days that are really starting to fuck with my mojo.  The last time it was sunny, I did a 20 minutes swim, a 13 miles ride, came home and weeded for 2 hours.  HAPPILY.

Let’s revisit that for a moment.  I HAPPILY weeded a flower bed for 2 hours.

Last weekend my modem died so I had to wait for ATT to come rescue me and I missed my morning workout.  Which sucked, but the weather was lovely and I cleaned my entire fucking house.  Now I will be honest and admit that it was partly because the technician was going to be going into all the rooms in my house.  But even after he was gone I still continued to clean until lunch.  (My house looks awesome right now.  That should hold me at least another month or two)

So it’s cloudy.  And there’s a race tomorrow, but I’m not racing, so I stayed out late watching Jurassic World (3D IMAX) and didn’t go to bed until 2:30.  Because there wasn’t an early morning work out I could justify this.  So I slept in, been lazy…it’s much easier to be motivated to do ANYTHING when it’s sunny outside.  I need to do yard work, I should go to the gym, I even have some laundry I could get started on.  But I’m tired and the cloudy makes me more tired.  It would actually be really great to go take a nap right now.  But then I’ll feel guilty because I didn’t do ANYTHING.  There aren’t even movies on Netflix I want to watch right now.  Everything in MEH, because the sky is MEH.  If it’s going to be cloudy can it just RAIN already??

I know I’m going to regret this later in the summer when the sun never ends and it’s hotter than hell, but right now I totally need some sun.  I’d even take 95F and 50% humidity right now if I could have sun.

Maybe just a short nap?

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