Texas Does Not Equal Southern, Pacific Northwest Does Not Equal Yankee

Published June 30, 2015 by Tritrigirl

I got cut off the other day by an idiot teenage girl in an extremely large pick up truck touting stickers about how “Southern” and “country” she is.  I live in Austin, Texas and I hate to break it to this girl that clearly identifies with southern and country that she’s not all that Southern, but she may be country.  (I’ll give her that because we’re on the fringes of the urban area and it’s possible that she may be country..or cunty, given her driving skills)

So that got me thinking on Texas and Southern and reminded me of when I moved here and people would say I was a Yankee because I was from Idaho, which made me laugh.  Out loud.  In their face.  Then explain that the Pacific Northwest is not Yankee, it’s a whole other world.

Circling back to Texas and Southern.  Texas is not southern, honestly I don’t know many native Texans that would really identify as truly being SOUTHERN because Texas is it’s own little world.  And may be someday, will be it’s own little country, because there are some wacka-doos here that are in charge that think we’re a separate entity from the overall country.  So being from Texas, sure you can be country.  But you’re Southern-Adjacent.  Go into Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, then you’ll SEE Southern.  I don’t know that I’d even really consider Oklahoma as Southern.  It’s a state created to be a Native American reservation.  I don’t doubt there are pockets of Texas that could be considered “Southern” but come on…you live in Austin, Texas…Austin is atypical Texas in the first place…it’s REALLY not Southern.  But you can find southern food here!

Anyway, none of this has anything to do with the Confederate Flag business (I support it being removed).

Now on to Yankee / Pacific Northwest.  I’ve been in Texas for 17 years now or so.  (WHOA).  Almost as long as I lived in Idaho and as anyone from the Pac Northwest can tell you….we’re not Yankees.  We’re a whole different breed.  People make the assumption that I’m a country girl, because they no nothing about Idaho (except the BSU football field is blue).  I’m not country.  I grew up in a city, Boise.  It’s not a big one, but it is a city.  I more identify with being a mountain girl.  I can take you camping, fishing, and cook over an open fire.  I’ve never hunted but that’s because my dad liked to fish and not hunt.  I like the mountains, hiking, biking, skiing (when I was younger).  The Pac Northwest is beautiful.

This is where I grew up.

This is where I grew up.

Honestly, I’d love to get back to Idaho.  My family wants me back up there, but I do have my life here.  It’s hard to move as an adult.  I don’t work in an office, I don’t go to school.  I do have family, but I’d have to depend on them heavily until I had my own friends and life.  So, it’s up in the air.  My brother and sister-in-law just had their second baby yesterday morning.  I get to see them in 1 month.  (Yes, I’m counting)  And now my train of thought has derailed.

Have a great Tuesday!


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