I Swear, It’s Like We’re Twins

Published July 16, 2015 by Tritrigirl

Today’s question is a tough one.  I’m supposed to tell you 3 things we have in common…so I’ll do my best.

If you want to join in the fun because your brain hurts from trying to figure out last night’s episode of Mr. Robot, here’s the sitch.

#8. Name Three Things The Two of You Have in Common

Three things we have in common…

1.  We’re creative as hell.  I’ve read some of your blogs and you’ve read some of mine and one thing’s for certain we’re both creative as hell.  Be it photos, comics, prose, or poems, we’ve totally got creativity nailed.

2. Writing is one of our best ways of communication.  A lot of us have blogs to help sort out our brains, our thoughts and our feelings, and some of us aren’t so verbally capable from time to time, but we certainly are able to get our points across in our writing.

3. We’re all on a journey.  It’s not necessarily the SAME journey, but we’re all working through our own lives and circumstances.  We’ve all had some changes, some hardships, some challenges, successes, sadness and happiness.  But on here we get to share our journeys and support one another.  Sometimes you can’t even rely on your family to be as supportive as an online community can be.  Which is sad, but it’s awesome that we’re all able to come together.

Side note for today – I really want to play video games instead of working.  Also, I finished the show Sens8 on Netflix.  If you haven’t seen it, aren’t easily offended and don’t mind some graphic material (thank you Wachowskis) it’s a pretty interesting show.  I hope they do a second season.  Tangential to that I adored Jupiter Ascending and really wish they’d work with someone to put it into a novel (not a novelization).  I think it would be an awesome book!


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