First I’d Like to Thank the Academy…

Published July 17, 2015 by Tritrigirl

Happy Friday all!

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m glad this week is over.  Sorta.  More or less.  Anyway.

So today, we’re on Question #9.  If you want to play along, here’s the skinny.

drum roll please…..

#9. For what in your life do you feel the most grateful?

Well, I could just go with…uh, my life, but that’s a bit overplayed, don’tcha think?  I went on a run with a friend of mine this morning and every time after I run, I think the same thing.  Not, holy shit, glad that’s over.  Not, oh my god I can’t believe I did that.  Not even, okay now I’m starving.  I typically think man am I thankful that I can do that.  I am fucking thankful that I can run and be active.  Not everyone can.  Not everyone chooses to, but 99% of the time when I finish a run I am thankful that I did it and that I can run.  I am forever in amazement of what the human body is capable of and the benefits of exercise in general are awesome.  This is coming from some post run endorphin haze, hell, I’m still not completely awake.  But running (exercise), keeps me sane.  Clears out the brain, sorts through the emotions and gets the juices flowing.  I recommend everyone trying to do something during the day.  Take a walk even.  

Have a great weekend all!  Catch you on Monday!


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