You Never Know What You Got, ’til It’s Gone

Published August 13, 2015 by Tritrigirl

So this is the last of the questions that I missed before.  I’ve got my hands full with everything this morning so let’s get started.

#19. If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are now living?  Why?

If I knew that in a year I’d be gone I’d probably go ahead and sell off all my crap, my house, etc, and get my ass to some places on my bucket list while I have the chance.  Before that I’d go ahead and continue working until it was all done, then I’d put in my notice and get the last of my paychecks.  My company only pays out half of the accrued PTO so I’d want to get as much as I could so I’d still have a little money coming in.  I’d spend what time I had here with my friends and get as much puppy loves in as I could.  Then it’s off to Bali, Ireland, Central Europe, Greece and back to Scotland.  After I did that whirlwind trip I’b be back in Idaho spending my time left visiting my family, loving every moment of watching my nephews grow, eating Flying Pie Pizza in Boise and maxxing out all my credit cards and cashing in my 401K to do it.  I’d make Scott drive up to Idaho with the pups and possibly Tater Tot.  I would also hope that maybe I could bring my dad and brothers back together.

Why would I change how I’m living?  Well, when you don’t have an expiration date or at least not something that’s coming up any time soon then you can easily say, “Oh, I’ll do that next year” or “I can’t afford that right now, but eventually.”  I think if I knew my time was limited I would find a way to make it all happen.  As to why I couldn’t live that way now?  Well, not traveling is really due to money.  My Scotland trip cost me a few thousand, which mostly went on my credit cards, but it was WORTH EVERY PENNY.  My goal is to go somewhere new and amazing out of the country each year.  This year we went to Dominican Republic.  Next year possibly Greece or Germany.  As for being in Idaho, well, that’s just me.  I’m not quite ready to leave Texas.  I’m extremely torn.  On one hand I want to be with my family but on the other I’m not ready to let go of Scott and my life here.  

My sister-in-law was telling me how exciting it was for her when she moved to a new city to go to college and I agreed with her wholeheartedly.  Then had to explain that it’s significantly easier to move as an adult when you have a office job or school at your destination.  But when you work from home and only know your family…it’s a little harder to make friends.  I’m actually shy at first.  *sigh*  It’s a hard decision.  

Have a great Thursday!


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