Warm Fuzzies and Big Hugs

Published August 14, 2015 by Tritrigirl

So we’re caught up now.  I’ve actually been thinking about how I was going to answer this question pretty much all day.  It’s very similar to another question so I won’t repeat myself too much.

#23. How close and warm was your family?  Do you feel your childhood was happier than most other people’s?  

I’d say my family was very close once upon a time.  It’s almost been a warm family.  Very affectionate, very loving and you knew you were loved.  Even when going through the throes of teenage girl angsty shit.  No matter how much my dad yelled at me or how “mean” I thought he was I knew deep down it was because he loved me.  Same with my mom and stepmom, but dad yelled the most.

I wish we were as close as we were once upon a time.  It breaks my heart to see my brother, sister in law and nephews estranged from my dad, stepmom and youngest brother.  I have no idea what happened between everyone, they’ve been good to keep me out.  But my dad and stepmom haven’t even seen my new nephew in person.  Just the pictures on Facebook.  How can you not want to see your adorable grandbaby?  I just don’t get it.  My new nephew’s birth was extremely difficult and there was major concern that either or both would be lost at one point.  Thankfully he was born healthy and while it’s been a difficult recovery for my sis, in the end it was all right.  How do you not want to be there?  I just don’t get it.

Was my childhood happier?  I don’t know that I would say that, I know it was better than some people’s and possibly not as good as others.  Divorced families are tough, it’s the nature of the situation.  But my parents did their best for us and while we each have our own issues, possibly stemming from the divorce possibly not, I’d say we’re doing okay.  

Side note:

Went to the pool yesterday and had a great swim work out.  Had actually been looking forward to going to the pool which is extremely rare.  I think I’ve started to tap into that drive and motivation I’ve been missing.  Ran 6.2 miles this morning, did great for 4.5 miles then ended up walking a lot of the rest.

Last year when the tri season started I had to get new tri shorts because I had gained weight and my old ones didn’t fit.  Which was pretty rough.  This afternoon I tried on my old pair of tri shorts just for shits and grins aaaaaannnnndddddd  THEY FIT!  WOO HOO!

Have a great weekend all!!


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