Tri girl, aspiring artist, amateur chef, hopeless optimist, clueless about home repairs, craft beer lover. Hoping to provide optimism, laughter, intrigue, and possibly some commiseration.

Pville, TX by way of Boise, ID. Aspires to live in the mountains, or the beach, or both. Is it possible to live in both? Hmmmmm.

Mid 30’s, settled in a career, financially stable, single…getting into the “what’s next?” phase of my life. Hoping to make the next 10 years even better than the last 10 years, because every year should be better than the last since we don’t know when the last will be!

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  • It IS possible to live in both (mountains & beach) – but I’ve only ever seen it in Hawaii. You can still find my fingernail marks on the tarmac of the airport the day they dragged me off the island…

  • Good Morning to you! I’m not sure if you accept these types of awards and yet I keep throwing them your way – If not, just bat them away (I won’t be offended – I know how time consuming these things are!) However It’s your choice to make. I have nominated you for The Quintet of Radiance Award – A total of 4 awards. Click on the link to follow the rules! And congrats 🙂

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